Fox farm ocean forest + additional nutrients?

Im using fox farm ocean forest. I also bought general hydroponics trio package with cal mag. Iv read fox farm has enough nutrients to supply the plants thought seedling stage and possibly veg. What are peoples thoughts on this ?

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I recently grew three plants in ocean forest and didn’t have to feed them until 6+ weeks into flower.

If you ph properly and keep an eye. , you can go a good amount of time before feeding


You got good advice. Depending on the size of the pot and plant, you can go into flower before you need any supplements. Just water, PH’d to 6.3 to 6.8.


Exactly what these two said :point_up_2:

I would stress that FFOF is to hot for seedlings majority of the time, so it’s good to have a center plug of happy frog or some cooler soil so the plant can get some roots before trying to grow in such a rich environment.
Some plants can handle it others get nute burn.

My last plants needed feed at week 6


Great thank you. What did you all use for a fertilizer?

If you are going to grow in fox farm you might as well use fox farm nutes

Nvm you already said yo sure using a different line!

I didn’t add anything to my soil, I just used it straight out the bag

@Eagergrower this depends on your lighting mostly. If you have a lot of light, they will need nutrients sooner.
I plan to mix in some worm castings, and other amendments for additional NPK ratios in all of the categories.
Merlin44 I know uses worm castings in his FFOF as well.


I use bulk commercial hydro cannabis nutrients made by chem gro, 4-20-39, it comes dry in 5lb bags (the smallest you can buy it) and of course they keep the cal and mag separate but also can buy 5lb bags of cal and mag or buy local stuff.

You buy a 5lb bag for 25$ and have nutrients for Years!
I’ve had good results and it keeps my grow economical as possible, efficients makes sence right.

These guys been selling alot of “tomato” hydro nutes since the 60s and when medical cannabis was legal they made a cannabis formula they had been itching to optimize. They now supply to alot of commercial growers in California.

It’s a hydro nutrient but it’s very aggressive and so is fox farms so I watch my run off and then just start feeding as soon as my ppm’s drop in the soil. Because ffof run off is like 4000ppm so the plants grow into that and thus once it drops to let’s say 1700ppm it’s easy to bump it 100ppm to keep the aggressive feeding schedule.
If you start in hydro it’s sorta a learning curve to push this hard.
It’s also very heavy on the PK and that builds buds heavy

Pretty high P, K numbers: too high and you can shut down flowering.

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Hydro gardens know what they are doing, they have been making plant specific fertilizers since the 60’s and doing plant material lab analysis to ensure this.
Its actually a hydro nutrient but since I grow in soil I just use it as a bloom nute.

I’m not saying that I know for sure they are the best nutrient company out there but I know that they are a smaller company who’s been around for a long time who doesn’t need to advertise and sells alot of nutrients to alot of commercial growers in cannabis and non cannabis applications.

I’ve read others that have also been very happy, as I am, who have tens of years more cannabis growing experience than I do and have used other products like AN, canna, GH, NPK, etc and loved chem gro the most.

I agree it’s strong but for 25$ a bag for years worth of hobby grow nutrients how can you go wrong, I think I spent 80$ because I bought the cal and the mag as well.

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I’m sure they do but individual plants can tax any nutrient regimen. You get an oddball plant showing a def in something and as a boutique grower we’re gonna tweak the numbers.


Very true, haven’t had any issues yet so I Geuss I’ll cross that bridge when it happens?

Only burn issue I had was my photos not like ffof.

I think if I was more dedicated I would grow more plants and mix my own nutrients

When you did decide to start feeding them was it because they started showing signs of deficiencies, or was that just your feeding plan ?

I wait for them to show they need something. And if you are worried you won’t be able to tell the. Just use run off to test your ppms . If they are low feed, if they are high leave it alone.

Okay thanks. This is my first grow so I’ll have to read up on rpm. Appreciate the info

Make sure you have a ph and ppm meter ! They are crucial


I used black and gold seedling soil this time . So I think I’m going to try and mix FFOF and black and gold 1/2 and 1/2 for my plug when I transplant . I grew in straight FFOF last time and didn’t have an issue. However with my luck this grow it would be bad lol

You have plenty of time ! you should not need to feed for a good amount of time once you start

Take a soil sample and read the TDS of it and compare it to an equal soil sample of ffof before you do that. I use happy frog for the top layer and plug myself.
There should be a soil sample rating for happy frog out there so you can compare it I just wouldn’t want you to make to strong of a mix still and have issues. Even if you can’t see it the roots grow slower in richer soil so it’s sorta key to have a light soil to give minor feed and force the roots to stretch out and grow big.