Fox farm nutrients questions


Hello guy’s some more questions about feeding the girls .
I have been using FFOF mixed with Black gold organic and perlite
and the plants have only had nutrients in them twice at this point but are seven weeks old and are starting to flower . Tomorrow I am add another couple of leds 450 w each actual watts 390 total draw . More lighting helps use nutrients faster doesn’t it or am I wrong on that one ? Also I ordered Open Sesame , Beastie Bloomz and Cha - Ching to go with the FF liquid trio also have been using liquid karma to the regular watering but not the feeding . My main question is can I start using the Open Sesame this late in the Grow and follow the same schedule and just put off harvest a couple weeks ? Also do I just add it to the regular trio all in the same container ? Here are a couple of reference pictures so you know what stage the grow is at .

Thanks again


Lookin great, cant answer your questions sorry, but can u post link to light if available im interested. Thanks


Haven’t got the posting a link thing from Amazon down but they are the Meizhi led 450w reflectors on Amazon they have a veg and bloom switch and can daisy chain they draw 195 true watts each and the price point is only $109.00 each so we will have to see how long they last they use the 5w epistar leds which are supposed to be better than the 10w double chip I think but I am not sure. @Dr.DankThumb420


Thanks for the info. Pretty cheap price probably worth the money


Yeah figure if they increase the yield by a ounce they have paid for themselves. Plus @Hogmaster has had good luck with this brand and @ktreez420 said he has been hearing good things about them


I’m not 100% sure here, but I’m pretty sure you’re good to go with using it. Although it’s “late” in flower, it’s still kind of early in flower based on what I see in the pics. You should be fine. But let’s see what others think because I never used the FF additives, only their base nutrients. @Brian091180 @Careg @yoshi


Ask @Iva, he knows leds in & out

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Open Sesame promotes more bud sites. Looks like those sites are established so I would start the Beastie Bloomz.


Cool @Careg I was thinking that might be the case oh well I will have some ready for the next grow then thanks


When I was growing Hydro(DWC) the FF additives especially ChaChing is very powerful stuff. Have to be real conservative in the way you use it. I would add it at 1/4 or 1/2 strength at the most or it would cause burn issues.

That being said they are definitely effective


Yea my local hydro store owner said that with the powder nutrients it’s REALLY easy to hurt your plants by adding too much. Because like @SativaStone said, it’s really powerful and super concentrated. Just be careful when applying and you’ll be good!


Okay then a little under a eighth of a teaspoon will be where I start. The fox farm schedule is saying a quarter teaspoon each feeding that just seems like an awfully small amount for a gallon of water but that just means They will last a long time and I like things that last a long time .


I was thinking of using FF on some of my next outdoor soil grows but from what I"ve read was to start off at half of recommended. Even the organic additives I used this grow was kept at a minimum after a PH of soil test. Still managed to overdo it (feeding) during flowering and caused a N swing( Total newbie shit) Immediately saw it in leaves 5 days later, took another 5 days to clear it out. Your plants are looking great though. !!!


Yeah @FyshhTrap I started them in black gold and switched to a mix of about 50 / 50 black gold and FFOF I didnt feed them until week 4 except a little liquid Karma . And now I’m only giving them a little under half of what they recommend. I got lucky and had read a couple of journals on here while I was waiting on my seeds to come . Then started looking for other problems people have had . I think I have been able to avoid a lot of the rookie mistakes by seeing others difficulties.


Yes, I started with a good organic soil, mixed in some MG moisture control, perlite and Canna Cocoa Coir. Started in that. Then mixed the same for transplant for outdoor grow. Added that to my outdoor soil, I then transplanted the first plant directly into the mixed outdoor soil, and added nothing but a small root stimulant. Started adding small amts. of nutes two weeks later. There is soo much info on this site, if I have a question I mostly look at the “Search Topics / Posts” on top of page.


U know this is a stupid question but can you use nitriou s oxide or helium😯 and can you put your water with a air rock or maybe with fans.