Fox farm Nutrients in Soil ( How to Use the trio pack)

Hi Guys,

I have a Novice Question regarding the Fox farm line trio Pack.

I am growing in Soil using Fox farm happy frog.

Since the Soil for FFHF already has a few nutrients to keep the plants happy for about 3 weeks. Where in the feeding schedule should I start feeding nutes? on week 4 of the nutrients feeding schedule or start in week 1 even though i am in week 4 from my plants sprouting?

Any input is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m using FFOF on the bottom 2/3 and FFHF on the top1/3. it took me to week 4 i started at week 5. 1/4 strength and worked my way up.

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I don’t think that’s the schedule for soil, I’ll put it here. I used ff trio for a while before switching to a live soil. When I started using it I called ff and was told for best results follow the schedule. In the schedule you start on week one it says seedling and clones week 1 and so on. The only change needed is if you add time for veg or flower that’s also on the bottom here. Only one time did I have problems but was my fault and it was a ph fluctuation caused a deficiency. Going by the schedule is at half does from what is on the bottle, I always fed every other watering until in the middle of flower when you stop the grow big I had to feed em every time for like two weeks if the sugar leaves start getting really dark go back to every other watering. That’s all I can remember of how it went for me… good luck and yell if you have a question I’ll try to help just leave me a message

Edit = I grew with fresh ff happy frog every time


Thank you!

this answers my question. I appreciate the help!

Thanks Man! great information. i will go easy on the feeding . so i am trying to just water right now to flush out the plants.