Fox farm nutes for seedlings

I just germed these seeds.
1 THC Bomb
1 Headband OG
2 Caramelicious

One of my carmels sprouted already. I have the trio from fox farm and it says start watering from seedling. Does that mean before it sprouts? and im only misting the young plants now. Do i mist nutes on the plant? Very confusing stuff for me.

I wouldn’t use any nutes for the first couple weeks, and never spray nutes or you will burn your leaves… I would just spray with regular PH’d water…


Okay so ill start the nute cycle at week two then.

I am in a situation and i need an opinion. I have a big bud auto growing right now alongside my regular plants. All seedlings and the same age. I was planning on doing a 20/4 light schedule for all of them tell i harvest the auto in 10 weeks. It will be a longer veg for my regular plants, is that okay? Im planning to go on 12/12 right when i harvest the auto.

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yes, you can veg a regular photo plant for as long as you wish, the only problem that might arise is if you have height limits. Autos will still grow even if you have to switch the lights for your photos, so either way, you should be able to pull it off with out much trouble…

What kind of soil/medium are you using. Some soils have nutes in them, So that could change when you start adding nutes…

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Local soil from asia, best i could find here. Dont know any specifics about it though, seems to be of decent quality. Ill keep that in mind. My last question is i have a full spectrum 600 watt led light. When i use the blue spectrum only half the lights are on, therefore it should be only using 300 watts? Should i go full spectrum lighting on seedlings or keep it on the blue spectrum? And how close do i put the light to the seedlings?

I would just run the blues/whites until out of seedling/sprout stage, once a set or two of leave are there, try both, but keep an eye out for light burns the first day or so. I got my lights at 30 inches for my seedlings. But if you see stretching, lower a few inches at a time until any stretching stops…

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Thanks for all the info.