Fox Farm Nutes Amounts?

Help me if I was just high when I did my last grow. I swore I heard that one should only use 2/3 of the amount Fox Farm recommends for Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom. Is that only in the seedling stage, or are their nutes a little stronger than recommended?

I am working one plant (ILGM Sour Diesel Auto) in a 5 gallon bucket with bubbles only, no drip.

If its an auto then its generally suggested that it doesnt need the full wack of any nutes. I normally max out at 60%

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@Scowners Is that 60% of what Fox Farm recommends for Hydro, which is already half of what they recommend for soil.

As a more general question, is it better to look at the EC/PPM as a target, or the amounts suggested? When I mixed my first gallon at the strength FF recommends for week 1 Hydro, the EC/PPM came out almost double what their chart says. I diluted it down and the plant seems ok now that roots are in solution. It is about time to change solution, so I am wondering what strength to go for in week 2 of veg.

Autos generally dont need the same amount of nutes and can get nute burn. In hydro where the roots have permanent access to the nutes you can cut it back because there isnt soil to take it away etc. I dont use FF so I cant really say what they should be. I use Canna A+ B for hydro but the theory should be the same. Start low at about 20% of their suggestion, see how the plant reacts and then slowly increase the dose. Autos are on a timed cycle that you cant control so better to go slow and not stress them. I tend to keep increasing until I get to 60% of recommended dose or until I see a little nute burn.
PPM is a good guide but its not set in stone. you need to see how your plant is coping. If it looks good then you can increase the dose. I always aim for the ppm of the week previously, if you see what I mean. so I am about a week behind the schedule for PPM but, it is only a guide and your plant will tell you what it needs. :slight_smile: