Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula and how to use them together

Hi I’m using Fox Farm Trio Soil Formula - Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom and I’m assuming the Tiger Bloom is what I should use when flowering but as far as the other two Big Bloom and Grow Big do I use those together or do I use them during certain parts of the veg grow can anyone give me a rundown of how I should use these nutrients together thanks ahead of time. As far as the status of the plants I have one plant that was just transport planted into a 3 gallon container and my other two are still in the red solo cups.

Start off with 1/4 of what they recommend and work your way up. What soil are you using?

As for the solo cup plants. I’d get those transplanted as well. Rule of thumb, when they reach the lip of the cup, get them into bigger pots. They will become root bound shortly.


repot your pot asap :man_farmer:

I use the trio and only feed every other watering, usually one a week. Its more then enough. I also use a 70/30, foxfarm ocean forest mixed with perlite.

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Hi Bobby,
Thank you so much this is exactly what i needed.

Hi James, I will do that. Thank you for the advice

Hi Budtastic, thank you

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Not sure if it’s noted on the chart, but if you plan on vegging longer than 4 weeks, just repeat week 4 on the schedule until you feel it’s time to switch to flower.

ok thanks Bobby that chart rocks man thank you again

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Hi Bobby Im using Black Gold SUGRBG Organic Potting Soil

James im waiting for more soil to be delivered ( Black Gold SUGRBG1 Organic Potting Soil)

Not familiar with it but looks like a soil less medium. If so, you’ll want to keep your ph lower around the 5.8 range.

I only grow exterior under glass in western wales… but use the best soil that you can…my missus likes your hound by the way.

Curious about the addition of perlite to the FFoF. Will be starting grow soon using FFoF does the FFoF “need” the perlite?

I use it to strech a bag of foxfarm a bit more. Also helps with drainage so im able to water twice a week on average. I usually do a ratio of
2 part soil with 1 part perlite. You dont need it as it comes with perlite mixed in the soil already.

Gotcha, thanks. Just wanted to make sure i wasn’t missing something.

So for the chart for week one would I use 3 tsp not the 6 tsp first time growing so trying to make sure I don’t burn them

Welcome @Slowmo420! What are you growing in?

Imma be growing indoor in a tent

And for a beginner I went with autoflower going with the sea fox farm soil and got cal mag and the trio for fox farm