Fox Farm Happy Frog pH and PPM

I took 3 samples of Happy Frog and did a 24-hour slurry test. I was curious since we get so many questions and see so many issues of newer growers having problems with this early in their grow.

I thought it might be useful to post results with these key words so it shows up in folks’ search results.

Here’s what I found (variances are approximate):

PPM: 850, +/- 75 PPM

pH: 6.6, +/- 0.3


@FlxerPower machinist?

Am I a machinist? I was for about 6 years between 1979 and 1985. I worked in a production metal stamping shop.

I’m a retired engineer. I managed the development of aircraft engine control systems for 20 years.


@FlxerPower I only ask because of the terminology you used of +/- I see those on a lot of prints and spec sheets before we send it out for fabrication. Also your usage of the word variances


Your probably spot on within 1/1000th of a hair :grin:


However accurate the Apera is. I love that thing. Much better than the Chinese knockoff I was using. It was all over the place.


I know your pain. I used apera for tds but Amazon cheapie for ph.

Now both apera and have blue lab for 2nd set of measurements. I never like bad data

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That’s funny right there. My neighbor is an engineer and he loves the words
Tensile strength
Like I’m supposed to know the tensile strength of random shit around my house lol


That’s surprisingly low.

I know ocean forest can be up around 3000ppm.

In addition, I’ve done a runoff test with fresh FF HappyFrog and measure around 2500ppm.

I’ll retest with less water added, but I don’t know that it will make a difference.

I worry more about the YIELD strength myself…(Machinist for 33 years,retired)…:>)


I only grow a few plants at a time in my tent. I use happy frog and don’t have to give nutrients. Just oh the water and I’m good. I tried the ocean one and got bugs. Change the dirt for each new plant. I am good to go. Now I have bought nutrients and water testers earth tester. Now I just ph water and grow beautiful girls. I over did it at the beginning and am now selling what I don’t use or need.

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I think I have fallen into this category with Happy Frog. I currently have one going where I haven’t added any extra nutrient and it seems to be quite healthy. But… I’m still new at this so only time will tell.