Fox Farm feedings


After a little hick up with my girl, God Bud in the beginning, we are finally off and running. God Bud, Tutankhamon, and my White Widow in the back, day 21 of Veg, about to transfer to a finale home and began nutrients feeding.

Question: The fox farm feeding schedule is a little confusing. Is the schedule based off of a two feedings a week recommendation? Our am I to mix the different fertilizers together? Take a look at the schedule I attached. Hope everyone is doing well.


I use roots organics and their feeding schedule is kinda like this. For me this means mixing each mentioned ingredient for that week. The plants needs change as they cycle through. I’m not hydro but at the top your schedule mentions ppm. If you were to mix these together per gallon would the ppm’s match what they suggest ?


Yupp @rjw71 is correct. It’s simply saying to add those 2 nutrients together into your water reservoir. Once you get into flower you’ll use all 3 nutrients for a few of your water changes. Just follow each column from top to bottom. Week 1 start with grow big and big bloom. I’d recommend using a 1/4 or 1/3 dose of the recommended dosage, you don’t want to over due the nutes. But you also want to give as much nutes as possible without hurting her! So I’ll give you an example, it’s actually what I do exactly…
I run 5 gallon DWC buckets. They require 3 gallons of water. For my 3rd week, it suggests I put 6 tsp PER GALLON of Big Bloom (3 gallons of water X 6 tsp = 18 tsp). AS WELL AS, 2 tsp PER GALLON of Grow Big (3 gallons of water X 2 tsp = 6 tsp). So I’ll only put 6 tsp of Big Bloom (1/3 of recommended dose), and only 3 tsp of Big Bloom (1/2 the recommended dosage).
Then, next week when it’s time for a water change I’ll make sure to add more nutrients. I want as much nutes as possible, because if you get them growing good you’ll be surprised how much they eat! But not too much to harm our girls! I hope this helps you!



I’m definitely going dwc next time.


Yes and no @rjw71, it honestly depends on what your starting waters PPM was. As well as, how much pH up and down you needed to use to get your pH to 5.8
I usually end up lower than recommended, but that’s because we mix up lower doses than recommended, so it,only makes sense the PPM is lower. When I’ve done exactly as recommended I was right in the range, but have also gone over the PPM range as well.


@ktreez420 first, you’ve been lots of help already on previous threads, appreciate it. When would you start your feeding nutes, with the fox farm trio, according to their schedule, after the first set of true leaves? And looking at schedule for soil it has flush between week 4-5, how you do that? Do the flush and then water with nutes again right after? I’m new work with me…lol I’m confused on that flush. @Puff-Ace1 sorry didn’t mean to jack the thread.


@HH420 ok well for me I would add nutrients once your cotyle leaves have died or fallen off. I may have spelled it wrong, but those are the very first leaves that pop out of your seed. The little round ones. From there, your first true set of leaves come in. After a few days, up to a week, those first little rounded leaves will yellow and die off. Those leaves are actually the plants energy source for its first couple days. So when they’re gone, the nutrients should be administered to your seedling so she can still eat and really begin to grow roots and take hold. Very low dose for first feeding! You can always give her more later but you can’t take it back out of the soil once you water it in. Well, you can with a flush, and that’s what else you asked about. So when it says flush it’s asking you to rinse your soil with water to “flush” excess nutrients from the soil. This is done to keep from nutrient build up and lock out, and also just helps your plant get better access to certain nutrients. A flush is also performed if someone is having problems, because it will basically get your soil back to being “normal”, for a lack of a better term. So you’ll flush for a day, if your pot is a 3 gallon container, flush with 9 gallons of pHed water. After your flush, wait a few days, as it takes a couple days for the soil to dry back out. Then you can administer nutrients back into your soil the next watering. You’ll get more comfortable with flushes as you do them and get experience. I hope this helps you!



I called customer service and they told me to use Grow Big the first watering and then Big Bloom the next watering and then then flush, then repeat until flowering starts and then I could use Big Bloom and Tiger bloom together when flowering starts. Does this sound right? Thanks.


Pretty informative video that I found.