Fox Farm Dirty Dozen + Cal-Mag......please help

@Oldschool61 these are all my autos that are going slow

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I was told that the pots too big, for seedlings starting out. I was told you should start in a small container ,like a quart, they say the plan is overwhelmed with all the area. :thinking: I did that one time had a seedling I put in the 3 gallon pot. Yeah it took a while for her to grow. But I’ll leave them in there man they’re growing. I can’t see nothing wrong

So you’re growing outside in pots???

I guess that’s why all your garden growers, that give to all the outlets Lowe’s home Depot etc ,etc. You noticed that they all start out in small pots :thinking: I think the reasoning is when the roots hit their amount where they can’t get out that’s when they start to grow and try to find more area. Because after I transfer them they’d take off. That’s my opinion. Everybody has one you know :joy::joy::v:

@Oldschool61 all of these auto’s started in solo cups and were transplanted to the 7 gallon fabric pots, were kept indoors for a few days and didn’t seem to stunt at all, they are just going very slow haha and after reading some posts on here I guess it’s a possibility I received photos instead of autos but who knows, only time will tell

Woah im in coco and use about 2 gallons a day per plant some more and thats without any kind of runoff. I do have lights cranked a bit loud but the plants dont seem to mind. If i water wait water wait ill get about 2.5 gallons to 3 gallons per 7 gallon pot with small waits between waters for runoff. Most time i just stick about 2 gallons in each plant with or without runoff. If i dont get runoff ill give them a smaller second water with just calmag in it.

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If you seen my plants you will know why so much water. :+1::+1::+1:

Yep, if you just get seeds from somebody who gave you you don’t know what you get. I ordered mine I know what I get.

Still worth growing though if it’s female and you see pistols already