Fox Farm Cha Ching, Open Sesame Beastie Bloomz

Starting my third grow using FF trio. I am using a Cal Mag supplement by Meigs, and Recharge. I have been growing in Fox Farms Ocean soil and not adding any nutrients until week 4. I cut all dosages by half.
Using 3 gallon fabric pots, going to try a couple in 5 gallon next. Last grow I got 3.8 ounces from 5 gorilla glue auto of buds. Got the watering down and have been feeding 2 times a week with the trio and recharge once a week. Just got the recharge 4 weeks ago. I ph my water and let it set of a good day, I not measuring any PPM at this point. Looking to start figuring that out on this grow.

Question(s). I am not using Fox Farm’s Open Sesame, Cha Ching, or Beastie Bloomz. Do these nutrients contribute that much and are they worth it ?
I wasn’t too concerned about all organic growing when I started, however I am leaning strongly that way now and would like to go that way on next grow after this.

Any feedback would be appreciated once again



They are helpful in adding extra amounts of P and K, but they are not necessary. If you use them be sure to monitor runoff PPMs so you are not nuking your plants with P and K.


I used bottled liquid nutrients for my first few years. They work well in small amounts. Less = more. Make sure to ph your nutrient solution to avoid lock out.A final flush is important when using synthetic nutes.


Are you flushing with water alone or adding flushing agent ?

I’ve always flushed with plain water with a pH of 6.5 -7 for the last 2 weeks before harvest.

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@LoudDream I would recommend checking out @MeEasy grow journal if you want to grow organic with less effort.[MeEasy Journal] (MeEasy what is going on now)


Welcome to your new happy place :blush:


Just an opinion.
Not for the extra money invested. You already are giving p and k. If you give them a little extra big bloom and tiger bloom there is your extra p and k throw in some mycros and unsulfered molasses your good. Keep up the cal mag
I’ve ran it both ways with no noticeable difference. Now if your one of those I got 1 extra trichome guys. What all I spent was 50 dollars to get an extra 1.

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Flushing? You hear so much about over and under watering and all the other things , mold, bugs gettin busted if your illegal and then you drown them with ten gallons of water before harvest :thinking:. I got 5 blue cheese autos close to yellowing looking good. I am running my lights 24/7 basement too cool no vent running holds steady 81degrees and humidity 42%. Haven’t properly flushed till last night. I slightly burned the blue cheese autos I increased the nutrient level to find the burn spot. I found it :eyes:. I got HLG lighting was recommended on this forum to get and they are bad ass. Got a light meter not using but know how to now. I am not PPM either getting a meter ?
Point is, I am impressed with how resilient these plants are. More so the technology and products so readily available. I couldn’t risk the cost of smoking weed for the last 43 years and I never liked cocaine, I just liked the way it smelled. I was paying $400 an oz. it is good stuff. All the stuff I am doing wrong is close to what I was buying. Closer than I imagined. I got 11 more blue cheese soaking in water now and can’t wait to fine tune these in.
Thanks for all the help.


Inclined to agree. I aquired BB, OS, and CC from a friend, so I used it. I saw no significant improvement for two grows. Free…ok (with lots of great advise in this forum on the product). Cost effective…no appreciatable difference.