Four weeks of flower in the new grow room

I am a fan of and proponent of LST and HST with the purpose of shaping a flat canopy on plants grown indoors with a single stationary source of light.
Here is a simple illustration as to why.
PPFD readings of a HLG 260 at 18" in a 2x2
compared to 24" height
This is the drop off of PPFD over a 6" distance. Imagine what the difference is at the top of a 6’ plant versus at the bottom.


So correct me if I’m wrong but you’re saying that growing a flat canopy gives you a more uniform, consistent use of available light. I might want to experiment with that on my next grow.


Yes The quality and density of the bud is improved when available light is used effectively.
This is one plant on it 28th day on 12/12 light schedule.

Her companion plant with only 21 days on 12/12 schedule

I think LST and pruning and training techniques are well worth looking into and applying.
Also, if you provide info on specific like brand and model, members can give you a better idea about the amount of space your lights can cover. Good luck


If I may, I want to refer you to cocoforcannabis dot com/grow-light-testing-protocols.
This article explains the procedures coco for cannabis uses to test lights in order for us to compare one light to another. Among the important factors is height, but also the size of the space and whether the space is enclosed in appropriate reflective material or not.


This is from the start of week 7