Four weeks of flower in the new grow room

Fourth week of flower and they have stretched a lot. I’m using 6000 watts of led lights and they really seem to like it. Buds are developed nicely using Tiger Bloom.


Looking good, I’m about a week behind you. So looking forward to the harvest day.

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@tomjhannon impressive for sure. look alot like my 6 ladies which are all outside.
you’re gonna have quite a crop. hope you have lots of friends to help harvest and trim!

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@tomjhannon what did you do fro training? can’t tell if you fimmed or topped.

Looking like no training to me. Just defoling to me. And these monsters just stretched big time.

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I did nothing for training. Just put them in the room with 6000 watts of light. Having said that, I might have to shore up some of them as they get bigger. As far as fimming and trimming, I removed most of the bottom end. All I’m doing now is weekly maintenance by trimming the canopy of some fan leaves so the buds underneath can get the light they need. I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten, compared to my old grow room. I was lucky to get four or five oz. It seems light and space is the trick.

Don’t forget the Big Bloom too. Big Bloom provides the micronutrients (copper, boron, iron,…) for your plant to grow and mature properly.

I used Big Bloom during vegging. I got maybe two feet of stretch once I put them on 12/12. Also I used Fox Farm soil this grow. What a differance.


@tomjhannon I’ll keep watching your posts as yours look very similar to my outdoor plants. will be interesting to see how they compare while building bud. Great work, beauty plants.

@tomjhannon holy cow those are getting huge. What size room specs?

New grow room? Tell us about it.
Size / dimensions
What did you have to do to convert it?
6000 watts of what?
What were the height of you lights during veg and flip?
Girls look good. I have used ocean forest and the trio. Good combination. always had to add calmag.

The room is 5’ x 11". The entire room is insulated with foil backed foam board insulation to keep it warm. But the real differance is the eight foot ceiling. I wasn’t sure how much light to use so I just put all five lights…two 1000w and three 1500w. They responded right away, no burn at all and they are almost all the way up to the lights.

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The lights are LED. The actual specs are two 1000w full spectrum lights (no veg/flower setting), two 1200w and one 1500w with veg/flower setting, I’ve had them on full spec the whole time. I didn’t convert it, I built it., 5’ x 11’. I would have gone bigger but that’s all the room I had. Next grow I’m planting six. Right now the lights are at 7’. Next time I’ll go a little higher, I don’t want to disrupt them to much so I’m leaving them at 7’. For the most part, the plants stopped stretching about 6" to a foot below the lights. There is one that reached the lights, I pulled to the side to keep from light burn. So far no sign of it. I also used Ocean Forest. The best decision I ever made, That stuff is f…ing gold. Aslo used the fox farm trio.

Sorry that’s wrong. I used Grow Big during veg. I actually haven’t tried the Big Bloom yet. I’ve been using Tiger bloom. I’m a little confused on which to use since they are both for flowering.

Big Bloom is meant to be used during veg (with Grow Big) and flowering, and all 3 - Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger bloom is to used in flowering.

Check out the feeding schedule

Nice space, nice room!

You know those aren’t real watts right? It’s made up chinese marketing watts.

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Thanks for the info.

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I know…that’s why I have five of them. Regardless the plant seem to like them. You can’t argue with success.

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Yep, seems to be working out well for ya, nice grow space and plants look healthy.

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