Four weeks in and many lessons learned, but should i train them now?

Hey folks,

I have learned many lessons in my first season, but the most pressing is i have a five foot grow tent and at 28 days after sprout, two of my plants are already 20" tall, and i only about 18" left between the top of the plants and the lights…

what happens if they grow into the light ?? that cant be good LOL…

i know i should have trained them earlier, but is it too late to try?

my other mistake was putting too many plants into the tent, 4 x 2 x 5’, i put in five five gallon planters, and they are doing well , but its like a jungle in there…

I am thinking of just taking two of them and putting them outside for the rest of their cycle…IMG_1230

that would give the other more room?? Thoughts, suggestions…

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That tent is going to be really packed once you go in to flower and they start stretching.
Some plants double in sizes flower.
That is a lot of plants for a 2x4 space,And they are in 5 gallon pots to.
Good luck
Happy growing.


If you can safely put a couple outside that would probably be ideal. Never too late to start training. You can’t let them grow into the lights. But you surely can bend and pull them around as much as needed. Supercropping will be your best friend.

Take 3 out and leave 2 of the same size in the tent

thanks eagles, what is super cropping ? trimming the tops ? sorry i dont know the lingo :slight_smile:

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thanks blunt, should i take out the big ones or the smaller ones ? my guess is the bigger ones… or maybe it does not matter ?

seems like the bigger ones would be more hearty and thus better for outside…

then what outside ? just feed them and water them till they bloom, just like they are inside ?


It’s a method of high stress training where you take a stem and rock it back and forth until the outer stem is weak but still intact and you can lay the branch down and secure it at a 45 degree angle. Google it and watch a couple videos. Sounds scary but they take it in stride.

got it thanks, Eagles…

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As long you in veg you should be good to still train

Look at @AfgVet thread called retirement countdown. She does super cropping in flower aldo at times if required lol. She jas a beautiful setup and is insanely smart about growing. She has some good teachers on her side tho. Good luck bud

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