Four strains, first grow!


Sorry ive been a bit MIA @Mote but the ladies look great man. Those fresh pistils are called foxtails. Happens for a variety of reasons. Genetics, environment (heat lighting), overripeness (rare). Its natural towards the end to see a couple. Ur using hps right? Wat wattage n how r ur temps looking?


No prob my friend, thanks for stopping by I just made it back here today myself :grin:
Yes, I got them on 600w hps, temps are usually at 73-75 and humidity at 45-50.


Hmmm. Maybe research ur strain. See if its genetic? I know some just do it. Hey free weed? :man_shrugging:t5:


I’m just wondering how long its going to take for those darn thichs to start ambering up, I’m ready to harvest these girls, hopefully another week+ will do it, I’m almost all out of patience LOL.
Fricken tease they are :grinning:


Do the trichomes keep on degrading from cloudy to amber after the plant has been cut?
I thought I read that somewhere?
For instance, if I was targeting 50% amber, would I chop them when they were at say 35% amber to allow for further ambering after the chop, if they in fact continue to turn amber after the plant has been harvested.

Or would I just simply harvest them when they were at 50% amber?


LOL, at this point of my journey what ever reefers I get out of them will be nowhere near being free.
Quite the opposite, this will be the most expensive weed I’ve ever dabbled in, just keeping my fingers crossed it will live up to my expectations…:joy: :thinking:


No i mean foxtails. Not free. More like extra :grin::grin::grin:

N i know what u mean. My girls are in the tent by the skin of they teeths. Kush Monster has had ~30 buds go missing and be found on my drying rack. :joy:. Luckily she has 100+ more


LOL!!! Got cha. :grin:
Yeah, I can use all the free I can get my hands on. Tomorrow I plan on giving each girl a pinch, for quality control’s sake, those buds are just too tempting now.


Dont go too hard on em. A couple nodes down with decent development n :ok_hand:t5::ok_hand:t5: :wink::wink:


I hear you & will do, I should be able to find a couple of candidates. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Getting there Mote, getting there… Talk nasty to em’…


:joy: Oh, I plan on to.


There are very good people on here with true goodness permeates in many ways, yet you hit the bullseye on the remainder. Sigmund Freud would write in their folders that the turmoil between the ego, I’d, and super ego are at war in their mind. You made me belly laugh, so that was awesome!!!


No not another south Floridian there really is alot more of us then I thought got a journal @S.FloridaSwampman I’ll tag ya in mine if us like


I am not sure, but I think some of the Florida crowd on the site have contempt, and it’s probably my fault. I inadvertently write, or get misconstrued when I type messages. Whatever it was I apologize, but I would like your opinion on the gold leaf question on my first journal. Thanks for your time.


I forgot again. It’s my first grow journal, and the title goes something like, “I am obtuse, send your abuse”. I sent it in yesterday. Sorry for the second message to clarify


I’ll look for it cool deal man I’m gonna tag you in mine now I’m on second run with clones and a new strain monster cookies


Time for a quick update. Girls are doing fine, I’m probably off by a week to week and a half. I have mistakenly been referring to my posts as week # of flower, in fact that really means week # after flipping the lights on em since it probably takes about a week and a half for them to actually start flowering. So technically this is probably more like the beginning of week 9 ± of flower. That being said I am hoping that trichomes will start ambering up some more and hoping that by the end on next week I may be ready to harvest, only time will tell.
This flowering stage has been a little confusing to me, in hindsight I inadvertently flushed them too early (by about 2+ weeks), oh well, live & learn. :smiley:
Same line up, clockwise from top left. Blackberry K, Mango K, Big Bud & White Widr…

I broke one of the colas on Bib Bud, but was able to string her back up with that green gardening tape and she’s doing fine.
Here are some Money Shots. MMMM, Sticky :stuck_out_tongue:

I am seeing some amber trichs but they’re few and far between.
Thanks for looking!


Looking good bro! Yup thats a common mistake. I adjust my schedule like 3 times a grow :joy: but frosty shots. Any day now honestly. That amber goes avalanche quick


Thank you for the heads up Purp, I’m really glad to hear that otherwise I would not check them till next week LOL.
Will keep an eye on them. :wink: