Four strains, first grow!


Hi SOG, how you doing my friend.
I do water them in the liner, I’ve actually been good w the ro, they never sit in it now for more than 20 mins tops. Then I test to on all of them.
Good times :grin:


Lol. God Times is my younger brother’s favorite sayings.


They are, they are good times.
You know the saying… They can always get much W____e.


How did you transfer your plants from 1 gal to 5 gal with those fabric pots? I bought all kinds of sizes in the fabric but haven’t tried them yet because I didn’t know if you had to cut them out since you can’t tap them out. Just wondering.


Hi @roseofsharon how are you.
It was a little messy, did it outside it was still warm (ish) at the time. I merely set up my 5 gal pots
w/soil 1/2 full ±, made a cavity in the new pot to accommodate root mass.
I simply turned the 1 gal pot upside down and gently squeezed the sides till it started to come loose, good amount of soil fell out but I did not yank the sapling out, just let it fall out onto my hand.
I dont know how many plants you got but I did one first and noticed the roots were not that well formed hence the mess. I waited a week till I did the other 3. the old pots were fine and can be used again, unlike the 5 gal pots which I will abandon/throw out.
Easy to do just dont force it, the roots did cling to inside of pot but it separated from it eventually.
Just be ready for the mess once the soil loosens up. Have fun and tag me if you got a grow journal.
Happy Holidays! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the quick reply. That is what I thought would happen. I bought seeds from ILGM, they arrived Oct 19th but I haven’t started them yet. I’ve been reading and listening to all the information I can from this site. My daughter surprised me with a start of what she said was sour-d. I don’t know where she got it so I don’t really know what I am growing. I thought I would try this one and know more about it when I use my seeds. I am gong to be 76 the 29th so I am struggling with remembering all this information. This plant has had me going crazy trying to keep it alive. I didn’t want to bother anyone on here till I plant the seeds I bought from here. I am growing in my downstairs bathroom. I have a jacuzzi tub that I covered up so I wouldn’t ruin it. I can fit 3 large plants in it but the area will be 7’5" x 5’ wide. I am only using the tub side of the room. That all could change if I get out of hand. Right now I am using cheap LED lights from Walmart. They say 19W I have 4 of them. One of them I bought when this plant went into flower. It is red lights, the others are a full spectrum. I have a lot of stuff arriving from Fox Farms for my real 1st grow. I am not counting this one. I wanted to send pictures but I don’t know how to get them from my phone to ILGM. Where do I send them? Sorry to bend your ear but it is nice to talk to somebody.


Hey, no problem and no bother, you can ask anyone here they’re all really nice folks always willing to help.
You’re in the right place.
Pictures: Its probably a bit more complicated doing it via phone but it is done. To post your pictures you need to start a thread about your current grow OR as a precursor to your Next grow.
Either way a thread is the place to begin to post your pictures.
Sour D, now you may very well have a SD seed, you never know. How old is she? As to her health, once you start the thread and post pictures people on the forum can all see whats afflicting your current grow and will chime in as to her state. These guys know a wayyy lot more than I do, Im just starting myself.
What strain/s are you planing on growing next?
And 76 going on 29 :wink: You Rock! Good for you.


She is 95 days old and just started 6 week bloom. Everything was going along pretty good but I have concerns now. ph is reading 70 for two days. I never had that problem till two days ago. I have ph up and down supposed to be here today. Can’t hardly wait. I don’t smell her as much as I used to. So I think something is seriously wrong. After all this time I hate to lose her. She doesn’t have real large flowers but lots of them. I think I should have trimmed the smaller ones off a long time ago but think it is too late now. Some of her flowers or starting to change to amber. How did you put your pictures on here? Do I need to put them on my computer first? I would love for someone to look at her. She needs a doctor or I am just a hypochondriac. I’m going to figure this picture thing out.


I forgot to answer your question about what I am going to grow. I bought the Patriot pkg. which includes all fem. Bubble Gum, Sour Diesel and AK-47. I am hoping to grow one of each to start. Do you think this is a good variety for my Vietnam Veteran husband and myself?


Hi @roseofsharon, sorry for the late reply.
If you have a computer it would probably be easier to do everything via it. I dont use my phone much, very rarely. Once you’re in the forum page, using your pc, just select the Grow Journals tab. once on that page select , the +NEW TOPIC tab in the upper right hand of page and give your thread a name. Then you’ll be able to type in a little about your plant and also be able to upload pictures using the upload icon which is fifth from the right.

If you’re new to forums ask your daughter to help you set up your grow. Different forums have different mo’s, you just have to acclimate to the way this forum functions. I’m still learning to navigate my way around it so…
Bit of a ludite, but I’m ok with that.


Pictures are posted through this button

that allows you to browse photos on phone click and hit done …BOoM photo uploaded… that’s awsome you in your 70s still cheifing like my dad power to ya …
@roseofsharon dont hesitate to tag me if you got a question I’d be happy to help ya… I was in your position once and know how it to be welcomed warmly by the form it’s a great place to find…I’m the hardest one to get along with and I’m not so bad …nice to meet you…OH and I started growing purple haze and girl scouts and a few random bag seed my first grow and I posted picture through out my first attempt at an indoor grow I’ll tag you in it if you’d like to take a look at all the trials and tribulations of growing in south Florida…bugs pests mold neighbors it’s like a drama book lol


Thank you for the warm welcome and yes I would love to see your journal. I can’t hardly wait till this plant my daughter gave me is done. Almost week 7 of bloom. Disappointed after seeing everyone else’s pictures makes mine look like the amateur I am. I saw Momtomack’s first grow and it was outstanding. She must have worked in a garden nursery or something, lot of talent there. I’m sure yours is just as good or better, can’t wait to see them.


I ran through so much problems being in a tropical climate in an outside shed first run wasent what I hoped for but I’m about to start flowering second run I tagged you in it’s called “first indoor grow (gsc x ? Purple haze x ?)


@roseofsharon I love the name. I’m a old flower/veggie gardener that got distracted by growing cannabis. I love to grow! You should start a journal with your grow so we can watch too. Oh and sometimes I just get used to the smell. I think the smell is under control until my friend stops by and informs me how good it smells​:v::green_heart:
@Mote how’s it growing? I wanna see those buds :grin:


Hi Guys and Gals, sorry, been out of the loop the last couple of days.
@fano_man, hey whats up man, thanks for elaborating on the procedure for uploading pictures, I find it easier to do things than to describe them sometimes. I’m not sure I would agree on you being hard to get along with, you’re a very nice guy, and thats coming from a curmudgeon LOL. Got a chance to use some of the Bud Candy and did two of my girls with Flawless Finish and the other two with sledge. Plus that SLF 100 is part of my regiment from now on, thanks for all the tips.
I gotta say your grows in FL are pretty impressive, outdoor growing seem so much more complicated and lots of wild cards that are to a large extent out of one’s control. But if you’re growing down there I might just try a sacrificial seed or two outdoors here in the summer. Weather is pretty similar here in the summer, quite humid which makes me nervous about potential mold issues.

Hi @GreenJewels, I totally agree about getting used to the aroma, when my friend (I only have one LOL, just kidding, I got two) comes over I always ask him if he notices it and he says no, until I open the tent and it all comes wafting out. Been leaving the tent open a bit to let the humidity out since its proven to be the only way to keep it at 50 and below, in spite of the dehumidifier I got going just outside the tent.
In any case, I’m holding steady on the last stage, cant seem to transition from clear to cloudy trichomes.
Its hard for me to look at them since the kids are home and are liable to come down to my space anytime so I’m trying to be as stealthy as I can. If and when they go out I’ll take a good look at all of them.
Here are a couple of shots of Blackberry that I took last thursday when she got flushed.
This is the start of week 8 of flower, but Im sure there will be a week 9 maybe even a 10 in all likelihood.
I’ll post some more once I get a chance to dive into the tent.
Merry Chirstmas & Happy Holidays to you all :wink:


I’m in the city so it’s real difficult to even get around to watering an outdoor plant I had a few that I exiled from the grow room and threw them on the roof of the house to get that good light from big guns up stairs lol anyway you wouldnt believe the conservative intervention of the politically correct and super sensitive on this forum …but sometimes I rub ppl a little sideways and I doubt really bite my tounge… I have been unofficially awarded most flagged member by the moderators lol… no sleep lost no harm no foul life goes on lol…ppl think actually have a say who can respond or read there threads I was called a “stalker” for reading a thread and commenting on it… I’m usually quick on responses and when ppl have a negative issue and I comment on it sometimes they dont like how I deliver my message but hey :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: it lol I’m glad I touched your style of growing you obviously have a good idea what your doing and for you to take my advice makes me feel good because your plants look much better then mine did my first go… I cant wait to see this secondary… man my buddy grew some of the purple haze seeds and that was someof the best weed I have ever smoked in my life and I’ve smoke a $h!+ ton of weed in my life… luckily I have clones of the phenominal purple plants and am going to really pay focus on the minor details this grow that’s going to be my advantage this time I got the I got the macro biology down …now to work on the micro to fine tune…Beutiful plant bro… freaking bushy bushy


Way to go Mote, your plants look great. I didn’t start a journal on this plant because I don’t know what it is other than a female and was lucky for once. After this plant is done I plan on starting with my I:heart:GM seeds and will have different lights and set up. I don’t have a tent and I am going to be growing in my Jacuzzi bathroom. It is a 5x7.6 area. I could use the rest of the bathroom but I don’t really think I will need it. I’m not going into business lol. I also have to learn how to transfer my pictures from my phone to this site. My son is coming down for my birthday this weekend so I will have him show me how to do it. I didn’t want him to know what his mother was up to but I guess he will know when he comes into the kitchen. The bathroom is downstairs with the kitchen over it. Somehow it is coming up the duct work. lol He is 56 and will just have to get over it. Retired Navy Officer and doesn’t do stuff his retired mother does. Anyway I will be glad to share my grow with everyone when I start my official grow. I do not count this one but will get great use out of it. lol and my daughter of course. Thanks for everyone’s kindness.


Thank You for the shout out. When I was much younger they called me greenfingers. lol I’ve always lived out near the country where there is good soil. I moved to Missouri and all I have is 30 acres of rocks and I am not kidding. Oh, lots of Oak trees and critters that eat everything, including wiring on the vehicles. But, I love the quite other than the sound of nature. I will try and get a picture of this plant I have been trying to keep alive for my daughter. Have a nice Christmas Holiday.


Yeah @roseofsharon , he Better! LOL. Sounds good all around. Looking forward to your grow. You’re going to have a lot of fun and most likely… a lot of Bud!


Hello & Happy New Year to you all.
Have not posted any pictures in a bit what with the holidays and the kids being home made it difficult to be stealthy.
This week was the beginning of week 9 of flower and its getting interesting. Have totally stopped feeding nutes, just plain tap water. I’m seeing something different in my White Widow girl, her leaves have a kind wind of “burnt” look to them, dont know if this is due to the lack of nutes or just that she’s nearing her life’s goals? I am very tempted to give them all a trace feeding of some nutrients, like calmag, tiger bloom and maybe a dash of super bloom, what do you guys think?
This is one area out of a few that I’m still confused about, there seem to be two camps, one that says no nutes after flush (besides the camp that doesnt flush) and one that does feed even after flush.
Any and all opinions are welcomed.

So here’s where they’re at, trichomes are mostly cloudy (gonna have a better look tomorrow when I feed them) and more confusing, my Blackberry Kush is putting out fresh Pistils?! Is that normal?

How long does it take for the trichs to start turning amber?
At this rate I know there will certainly be a week 10. The other thing I noticed is they’re not as aromatic as they were last week, is that also normal when they are getting near the end?
I’ll take more pictures tomorrow outside the tent, the HIDs really throw me off, it washes out the reds, so I cant see how brownish the hairs/pistils are, to use as a gauge.
Here are a couple of close ups, sorry for the quality.

Thanks for looking guys :slightly_smiling_face: