Four strains, first grow!


HI Guys, hope everyone is doing well on this fine tuesday morning.
Week 5 of flower stage & all’s quiet on the eastern front except for minor issues w/RH being too high.
I have opted to opening the door flap a little bit during the day to let out some of the humidity but my wife
told me that the house smelled like “Kush”, except the basement LOL, odor must have been seeping through the flooring. Been using Febreze Pine scent which does a good job of masking without being too perfumey.
I tried that little dehumidifier mentioned above but it doesnt do a thing, had it on for two days and didnt even fill up to half of the reservoir. Oh well.
Girls have rotated a little. Clockwise from upper left, Blackberry, Mango K, Big Bud & White W.
Here are a few snap shots of the girls. Close ups are mainly White Widow.

There’s one picture that shows some of the pistils drying up.
I noticed this a while back and thought it may be mites but upon further inspection it just seems like dry pistils, didnt notice any critters moving and none of the other buds have that.


All’s lookin’ well Mote.


Thanks @OldSchoolGrower, been enjoying the show, pretty wild stuff.
Hope you didn’t over do it yesterday and are feeling well today.


Not feeling to bad today, but it’s early yet. Trying to get motivated to move all the plants over to the other wall, move liner to my open area, secure my 5’x6’ scrog to the wall with my pivot straps that hold it tilted up, then put plants back in liner, then lower scrog net down. The mounting pivot straps that secure it to the wall makes it easier to lower on plants for a one man job.


Sounds like once you have everything set up it will be a much more user friendly and flexible system, especially for a one man show :slightly_smiling_face:
You got a lot of plants so functionality is paramount.


One thing that is a plus I’m not constricted by space. I’ll be able to access three sides of it.


Yeah that is Huge. It will make your life considerably easier to keep them girls in line once they start acting all grown up & such. :grin:


They get out of line I’ll smack the hell out of em’ and give em’ some abuse. They like that kinky stuff.


Sticky Fingers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thats what I had after I tied back some of the branches on Blackberry, resin everywhere, they needed the support, she’s getting out of hand. It doesnt look like it but she could easily have filled out that 5x5 tent by herself. When they’re all back in there it is wayyy crowded.
Might consider growing three plants next time instead of 4.
None have really big colas but lots of buds all over so, I’m good with it.
Still only on week six, so I figure I got at least another two weeks, maybe three?!

Family shot:

Cloudy w a Chance of Meatballs.
Trichomes are mostly cloudy but still some clear ones. I’m aiming for 50% cloudy & 50 % amber ±.
Hairs are starting to turn color as well but predominantly white for now


Lovely Mote just absolute loveliness… Out of likes, but here ya’ go…


Thanks @OldSchoolGrower. Getting there. Next two weeks should be very interesting.
It fricken stinks down here. LOL Having a hard time masking it. Will take precautionary measures next time though I thought I had them covered this time around.
It smells like the House of Kush :face_with_raised_eyebrow::laughing:


Lol. I bet it does. Mine will get stronger in the upcoming weeks…


Hey BTW @OldSchoolGrower, I was wondering, are you going to flush ALL those fricken plants towards the end?
I flushed two this week, ThaT was interesting…ly long. Just curious :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes will be doing a flush on all of them.


Wow! Really, that’s a lot of plants, I’ll be curious to see how you go about that little task.


Dude i have been tryna get thru this journal a while and always stop when i run outta likes (which is often!) excellent work! Everything looks excellent.
Couple things. Trich pics look like sugar leaves. Dont check sugars. They mature super early. Check buds. And humidity peaks at lights out normally. I suspect it gets MUCH worse overnight. Maybe crack the door at night? Thatll make the smell stronger tho. For sum reason my girls get funky as heck overnight


Hey PurpNG74, Thanks for the heads up.
How have you been man. Strolled through your thread the other day, seems like you got your hands full, in a good way.
Journals: Yeah, I totally understand, they’re all intriguing but they’re also long LOL. I’m probably 4 days behind on raustin’s thread, that’s like…a lot of hours of reading.

Trichs: Yep, Ive been keeping an eye on them, not just the sugars. Still mainly clear on the buds, checking them every couple of days. Hairs on buds are no where near 70% so I know I got some time to go. T
This is just the start of week 7, figure I got at least a couple of weeks to go.

Humidity: Oddly enough for me it always spikes right after I water them (always in the morning), makes sense. More of an issue in the “day time” actually, at night they’re fine.
Overnight the temps and humidity are perfect, 40rh and 68 degrees. At least it gets to dry up for 12 hours.

As for funkiness, I ordered another carbon filter to see if that helps, this one has been going on for a few months, the girls started to get aromatic quite early in the grow LOL.
The whole process/grow has been really a lot of fun, looking forward to the end result :yum:


Water em’ in the liner and use shop vac to suck run off up.


Yup i have loads over here to keep me occupied. Finally stopped cutting on thr girls (i hope :smiling_imp::joy:) and yea. I guess after watering is more humid. Thanks for stopping by. And im here and keeping up for the finale


Thanks. Finale is on the horizon. Surprised I’ve lasted this long, LOL. I’ll have plenty of questions for you guys very soon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: