Four strains, first grow!


Thanks for the tip & the link. Will check it out for sure.
Dude its a lot of fun, a great forum.
Do you have a grow journal going?


No problem!
I’m also follow @DoobieNoobie 's grow journal and I cant wait to see the final product. :slight_smile:
Im just germinating now, with random seeds, just to see what happens, and Im waiting for my Chocolope seeds to arrive! My payment just went out today, so Im hoping I recieve them in the minimum time :laughing:
Once they arrive I will start my journal and be asking lots of questions…haha


Tag me when you do so I can follow along.


Sound like a plan. Definitely tag me, look forward to seeing your grow. What other strains are you planning on growing besides Choco?
Oh…and Welcome to the Forum. :stuck_out_tongue:


Give me a tag as well to follow along. I’ll tag you into my grow.


Thanks all!!! I cant wait to have something worth tagging y’all in…hahahah.
Well for now all I could afford was one batch, so just Choco. Buttttt, Mango Kush is on my wishlist. As well as Blue Cheese.
I’ll have some more money to spend next week. :smile:


Awesome! The Choco is always interesting, Whoa! That’s a serious sativa dominant.
I’m taking it slow, maybe work my way up to the sativa D. Photo period I’m guessing?

Mango K is going to be interesting to see what she does. Cool little plant, easy to care for.
I’m looking forward to all of them, they all have some really interesting traits to them.
Kid in a candy store (this whole place is).
Enjoy! :sun_with_face:


I know, it’s crazy sativa dominant! I dont usually like being couch-locked. I want to get stuff done, but not be as stressed. I want a happy high :slight_smile:
But that’s also why I was thinking MK too, because it’s a pretty moderate strain, and it would balance out the sativa heavy Choco.
Could also go with something like Strawberry Kush.
I dont know! Dont have money yet anyways…lol


Yeah, I think the MK and the white widow have a more uplifting effect, no couch lock, very social.
Blackberry seems to be ambidextrous :smile:, which is very appealing. Big Bud supposed to be more of a couch lock smoke, which is what I targeted. It seems like all the Kush-es are to be looked into.
I just saw before someone is doing a Granddaddy Purple grow, thats so on my wish list.
Fun Fun Fun!


I guess right now Im just so nervous that no matter what seeds I get, Im going to mess it up. I will probably smother them, and I have to try to not do so!

Right now I have three 95w LEDs with domes, hanging over 10 germinating seeds, until my good light comes in tomorrow. I’m so excited for the rest of my stuff to come in that I know I wont be able to sleep tonight. Haha. I keep obsessively checking for sprouts even though it’s only been a day in soil. They were all old seeds though, so I have no idea if anything will happen. A couple seemed to be cracked open slightly. So we’ll see.


You soaked them in water first?
Yeah, germination is somewhat nerve wracking and the anticipation through the roof.
Wait and see what happens, lighting is fine for now. More importantly is keeping the temperature nice and warm. What is the temp?
I think you’ll do just fine, just check out the other threads and you’ll be fine. Dont over water them and go easy on the nutrients (as I’ve been told) and you’ll be jamming in no time.


Yeah, soaked a little over 24hrs, then moved to soil. Have plastic domes over them to help with humidity. Dont know humidity %, meter is coming tomorrow. Temp seems to be pretty steady at about 73°F. I know Im doing everything right, it’s just gonna be hit or miss with these seeds. Lol


Yep, you’re right on track, sit back chhill.


I will be surprised if any of these actually sprout, but I just checked a few more I still had sitting in water, and I see a shell starting to crack open! Now, theyre random, so it could be male. But I’ll just be happy to have something to fuss over until my fem seeds come in! :smile:


That’ll work. You’re going to have a blast during your grow.


Hey man didn’t know you had a journal nice work man


Like @Mote said, easy with the watering and don’t start nutrients til the cotyldons start to yellow and die. And then start 1/4 strength and gradually increase. So many people tend to over water and start nutrients to soon. Tag me in…


Hi @fano_man, welcome to my neck of the woods. Thanks, the girls are coming along, Stealth is still ahead of me but I’m catching up :slightly_smiling_face:


Chocolope will get you seriously lit. just sayin…


Yeah, I kinda gathered that. :grin: Gonna dip my toes into the Indica pond first before I go for the Sativa Doms.
You’r advice has been adhered to and appreciated Sir, the girls are Loving Life.