Four strains, first grow!


All 4 plants are looking great. You’re about to experience everything you are looking to observe. Enjoy and Happy Growing…


Thank you @OldSchoolGrower, I can hardly believe it myself. Excited is an understatement.

I remember growing a bag seed when I was in high school and of course it turned out to be a male, plus I had no available information to guide me back then. When I found out that there was such a thing as feminized seeds I was pretty blown away (another understatement). The prospect of actually growing a plant that is in fact female, will produce buds, that has the characteristics I was looking for, seems too good to be true.
Super Fun!


I know and feel the same excitement with each moment I’m around my plants. His current grow is my second grow since starting back up again after 20 years. Back then I grew quite a bit indoors as well as outdoor gorilla grows. Realized how much I missed it since starting again. 1st grow, I dove straight back into my old LST techniques. Tying and beating my plants up. Ya’ gotta smack em’ around some. They’ll always thank you for it. I’ll tag you into my new grow. Wouldn’t let me throw up another reply in my thread yet. I’ll give ya’ the lnk here to follow along. GG #4 and Super Skunk from ILGM Drop me a line over there.


Yeah right, ist just too much fun. Sounds like our time frames are fairly similar, I have not partaken of in quite a long time.
“1st grow, I dove straight back into my old LST techniques. Tying and beating my plants up. Ya’ gotta smack em’ around some. They’ll always thank you for it.”

LOL! I’ve read that a few times on the forum so…It must be true. They are tougher than they seem, kinky little bastards.
I’ll definitely check out your new grow, thanks for the link.

Auto fem critical purple mainline

Happy Happy Everyone!
Lassies got their first full dosage big girl feeding of nutrients. Ph spot on @ 6.1, ppm fine, RO, check.
They are growing like crazy, just in the last two days, fricken wild.
Plus they’re showing little clusters/future buds everywhere, they’re so cute! LOL.
They’ve really taken over the space.


Those were Blackberry (spindly, lots of defoliation), White W, and Mango K.

Here are some of Big Bud, still lagging behind, looks healthy but very different than the other three, almost looks like a Sativa dominant. Its got lots of little nugs coming.

Enjoying the Spectacle of these incredible (in general) plants.

Some of the leaves look a little droopy, thats cause I dim the lights while I feed so I dont go blind.
A few minutes later they were all as perky as ever they could be.


Wow your girls look great! Good job on them


Thread/system wasn’t letting me do 3 consecutive replies.
Let see if this flies.

Hello everybody, hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and came out unscathed.
The girls are jamming, they are loving life, all seems ok, ph, nutrients.
I am having a real hard time maintaining the humidity at 50 and below. I know in flower you dont want a high humidity. I got my inline fan cranking, dehumidifier going & the rh in the room is nice and low at 38. Tried closing one intake flap for another, tried two open and other combos but once the tent is closed up it jumps up to
60- 62. I’m a little flummoxed as to how to resolve this, its getting a little annoying, been messing with it for a few days now. What Gives??!

Here are a couple of pics, disregard the readings, I had the tent open, unfortunately thats not an option LOL.


Thank you @GreenJewels, begginer’s luck I would venture to guess, and a slight ocd doesnt hurt :smile:


Here ya go. Looking good.


Thanks Guys and Gals, I appreciate it.

Yeah, I’m having a hard time keeping the RH at 50 or below, see last post w/pictures for more details.
I cant figure out why the RH is so high?


The plants respiration adds the humidity. You may need to add a dehumidifier.


Thank you @DoobieNoobie.
Yes, that does make sense, I got a dehumidifier cranking on the outside of the tent, and I cant fit it in there now, they’ve totally taken over.
They’re Respirating alright, I’ve noticed at times when I move some overlapping leaves that there is a wet spot when separated.


Yep that’s why. But they look good and healthy.


Yes they are healthy, I just dont want to have any trouble w/bud rot due to the high humidity.
I’ll raise the fan see if that helps, cellar is dry as can be, its all their damn photosynthesis and their breathing so much, its all their fault! LOL.
Nah, I love em, gonna be rough chopping down.


I hear that lol


Well guess I’m a lil’ late. Was doing some things around here for the wife. I see you got your answers above. They are lookin’ good.


Thank you my friend. Its all good. Very cool to have your nephew on the forum.
Now I gotta go clean up the kitchen for my wife LOL.


Wow! I am just starting my journey and this excites me, seeing a first timer having such success!
As far as the humidity goes, I found a cute little dehumidifer on Amazon that would probably fit inside your tent!
It’s a hOmeLabs Small Dehumidifier, like $30! Maybe try that!
I cant wait to keep following your journey. And start my own! :slightly_smiling_face:


Check it out!