Four strains, first grow!


yeah those look pretty slick. my 4x4 scrog is a PITA to deal with. I’m also realizing that the high intensity QBs which make really dense vegetative growth isnt as conducive to the growth pattern that a scrog net wants which requires a bit of stretching to be able to weave it in the net. ive already dimmed the lights a bit to encourage this growth and then i’ll crank it back up during flower…


Hey thanks man, appreciate the vote of confidence. You guys have been so helpful I really appreciate it.
Nets: That’s kite building 101, just in a square format as opposed to the classic diamond/malay kite.
I used 1/2"x4’ poplar dowels (very light) and notched them at the intersect, then I just put a bit of 5min epoxy, let them set and I tied it up just as a precautionary measure. Then just notched the ends so the string would stay in place and went to it. It is time consuming, to weave that net and everything else but not terribly so.
I should be getting the netting and I hope I can make that work.

4x4 scrog, regardless of how big the space I can see how that would be a pita. you gotta reach in 2’ just to get to the center of the pot. you’d need a mechanic’s dolly to get under the canopy…LOL!
As to the stretching, not knowing what I am talking about, I think I inadvertently made out ok waiting so long into veg to do the scrog. I think scrog is usually started pretty early on like raustin’s?!

QB’s seem very interesting but I know nothing about them, are they finicky or is it a learning curve type of deal ?
I’m sure you’ll be alright, you’re light years ahead of me.


Well QBs are on the cutting edge of horticultural lighting tech. They produce an amazing light intensity and the plants love them but it makes the plants grow super dense during veg (which is good) but scrogging is easier IMO when there is stretch to train and supercrop them. The buds that quantum boards produce are the densest I have ever seen indoors.


Yeah, I’ve been reading a bit into them, and the kits seem to be a heck of a deal. I’ll probably be incorporating them in the future/summer, HIDs give off a lot of heat which if fine for me now as my cellar is cold.
But for the summer they would be ideal.
My girls were already past the second round of lst so they have been fairly short till about a week a go when they shot up. BTW I’ve been laying low on the nutes as you adviced. I gotta say that I’ve been checking the PPM for a while and they have always been on the high end but I attribute that to the soil, its chock full of nutrients so I never thought to feed them till like fairly recently, and even then less than half of what is called for.
I’m just psyched right now, I cant wait to see flowers, never seen that before or gotten to that point.
I grew one bag seed in high school in less than optimal conditions and of course it was a male.
Oh well, times have changed. Woo Hoo! LOL


I was on a mission yesterday (not the ary position).
Been noticing my cellar slab is starting to get cold so I Took out the girls and put down some R50
hardi insulation to keep that chill from going up their roots, cant see that being a good thing.
Really easy, probably took 10 minutes but totally worth the effort. BTW, the insulation is Pink.

Put in the liner (which I hadn’t before) and she is ready.

Sorry about that green tinge, I cant seem to get rid of it some times.


Finished making the nets, by the time I got to the third one it was smooth sailing.

Thanks hangthebanksters, that net I got from amazon was perfect. I made the two new ones with it and save me lots of time. The last one on Big Bud (bottom right) is super taut, very cool, it fit like a glove on the smaller 19" net format.
I made the nets smaller to accommodate the mesh squares, from 22" square down to 19" square (the diagonal spars are 27" L.
Clockwise, from upper left: Blackberry, White Widow, Big Bud & Mango

White Widow close up


I also got one of those Smart Ass Marijuana Owls I’ve been reading about everywhere. Just to keep an eye on things when I’m not around…



I’ll see how they’re doing this weekend but I think I’ll have to flip the swith to 12/12 soon.
Might do some more defoliating but probably no more topping.
The stakes are 3’ tall, and they’re most likely going to double once they go into flower.
By sunday they’ll be at the end of the 9th week, so the time is a coming. I’ll know later on the week.
Not in a rush but the Nets were to address this exact issue.
Have a great week everyone!


Been away for a while on the updates but there wasnt much going on to warrant post. Besides, I’ve been busy reading other threads.
So I plunged the girls into darkness sunday night for 36 hrs. Had a little separation anxiety, since I couldnt peek in on them once I sealed them up good to prevent light penetration. I’m used to checking in on them quite a few times in the course of the day.
Opened them up yesterday morning, checked to see if they needed water, they did not. Switched out the bulbs and they’re on 12/12 now.
I watered them today, I last watered on saturday, both waterings “Neat”, plain water no nutes, not even cal mag, I was not trying to flush per se.

The PPM were ok but the ph no so much… (water out of tap reads at ph 7.7)
Big Bud 131 x10 ph 6
Mango k. 117 x 10 ph 5.9
Blackberry 955 ph 6.3
White W. 122 x 10 ph 5.5

PPM were actually up on some of them from the last watering, thought that was odd?! I check ppm every time I water.

I will admit that I had not checked the ph in a while since all my previous readings were good (6.5+).
So I calibrated the tester and was surprised I was getting a few low readings.

Question: Why would the ph drop so much when the tap water was on the high side to begin with?

I ordered some Dolomite Lime today, should be here friday and will add to soil and also start nutes again.

I would be much more alarmed by the ph readings if the plants were not so vigorous.
Prior to lights out I did a lot of defoliation, could probably use a little more now but I’ll wait a bit before I commence that little exercise.
My biggest concern now is really the stretch, depending on how much they grow I think I should be ok but I feel like I’m cutting it close.


Clockwise from upper left corner:
Blackberry, White Widow, Big Bud & Mango Kush.
Bib Bud is not living up to its name, but I think that’s my fault. She was the first to be transplanted and experimented with so I probably shocked her.
Thanks for looking :slightly_smiling_face:


I was thinking that at this point I should cut out FF Grow Big on all of them except Big Bud.
When do I start Tiger Bloom? bottle says to start at first signs of flowering.
What are the tell tale signs when these girls are flowering.?
Right now only Blackberry & White Widow are showing little hairs (pistils ?) but not the other two.

What do you guys think?


idk brogan. im new to growing and nutes, but if the instructions say tiger bloom at first sign of flower and u have pistils then shouldnt u go in for tiger bloom now?


Yes, you should start using Tiger Bloom when you see pistils.


Thank you both, I appreciate the input.
I actually did just that today. I added the Lyme (LOL…lots of ticks around here) to soil. 7 tbs per pot (it called for 3 tbs per gallon but I’m just being cautious).
The ph all improved some girls more than others but I’m back in the safe zone.
I also fed them everything not quite full dose, a little less.
Grow big, Big Bloom, Kelp me, and Tiger bloom, cal mag. They all look great, only Big Bud the new growth leaves are a bit lighter than the others, not as green. Her readings are actually the best of the lot but definitely lagging behind. I’ll be checking soil moisture monday but probably wont water till tuesday morning.
Found one little spider in tent and one “midge/gnat”, so I want to let them dry real well before watering again.
The outside of tent is like a booby trap, very well “reinforced” against pests.

@raustin I was reading one of your posts and I saw you mentioned “pushing the boundaries on nutes till you get a little nute burn then backing off” (not verbatum). I can subscribe to that, makes very good sense to me.

Oh, I was meaning to ask you, do you (or did you when usin ff products) Sledgehammer per their schedule?
BTW: I’ve been keeping an eye on Afina, she looks Fine and Dandy like Sour Candy.


Yes! I love to push the nutes as far as I can, and the reason is because every plant is different and will take nutes differently. Afina eats like a pig with no sign of burnt tips even though she’s getting the full dose of nutes, so i’m going to push her a little more this week.

Yes, I still use Sledgehammer, great product. I use it every time I flush though I don’t go by the FF schedule for flushing, I have my own flush schedule.


Yes, I’ve noticed they do all have their own personalities, its pretty cool actually. Blackberry is the same, she is just gobbling stuff up, if she had the whole tent on scrogg she would be a nice specimen, her trunk is very thick. White widow is next, and MangoK bringing up the rear.
Yeah, the FF schedule as far as Sledge seems to me too aggressive and too frequent, plus I’ve read some reviews that it had some adverse effects on peoples plants, but there are too many variables to consider in that statement, so I’ll take that with a grain of salt and consideration.
Thank you! I ordered Sledge and a Gal. of Big Bloom earlier today.
Has the Party begun on your monster of a thread… I’ll swing by :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s always a party going on. Lol


I’ve noticed! :wink:
You’re quite the Character, and I mean that in the best possible way.
I’m there now, just catching up on all the action.


Quick update.

Starting third week after flipping the lights. Ph is good, getting regular feedings.
They all have pistils showing. They’re really taking over the tent.
Blackberry is still leading the pack

Very exciting to see them going into this stage, never seen pot plants like this. I dont think most people who buy their weed ever see this, I know I haven’t, we simply see the end product. I cant wait to see the buds and flowers truly develop.
Clockwise top left, same line up.
Blackberry, WW, BB, MK.


White Widow has a little discoloration on a couple of leaves but she also had some ph issues, more so than the others so I attribute it to that?! Runoff was 935 ppm.
Interestingly Mango Kush had a 122x10 on the 16th and today I got a 575 reading which seems like a big drop, I guess she’s eating a lot of her nutrients.

Hard to see the burn because of the picture, cant get flash to fire off, excuse the color.