Four strains, first grow!


It doesn’t make me nervous but I agree 100% with you on access. Seems to me once “the net is set” you’re kinda committed. I do like the convenience of being able to rotate them and all that.

If I had access to open my tent on at least two sides I would try it. but due to my particular situation I have access to the main & largest opening but not the other two. If I was doing one or two plants at a time I would give it a try. I was always curious how people watered them once the net is up and equally important how do they get rid of the ru-off. I think that’s what the turkey baster is for, I could be totally wrong, which begs the question, should I even be here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Ms. @raustin is very adventurous and I admire her spirit, so I’ll just sit back and pay attention.
Her current set up I like quite a bit since each plant would potentially have its own Independent net.
I would love to do one at a time but right now I want to try different strains to see what appeals and works for my particular needs.


Yes, that’s what the turkey baster is for. Lol, that’s how I get my runoff. It works just fine for my one plant, but if I had a bigger grow I would want something better, maybe more high tech.

You guys don’t have to be afraid of the SCROG. It’s really very easy to do. I only have access to the front of my tent, and yes, it’s hard to maneuver, but not impossible.


:rofl: I was just going to ask you if I was wayyy off on the turkey baster theory.:grin:
I’m not afraid to try it out, heck, I ate some mushrooms I found on my dead oak tree stump this weekend
I had a feeling they were edible, looked them up, sure enough Chicken of the Woods (picture below), and the texture was Exactly like chicken, if nobody told you, you couldnt tell the difference. That one particular specimen probably weighed 4 lbs easy. Suteed it with a little butter, olive oil, galic (some shallots would have been nice). Still have half of it in the fridge.

Back OT, is it too late for me to consider doing a scrog?
I would do 3 of the plants except Mango Kush, it seems quite stumpy so I’d leave that one alone. I have a feeling the others are going to blast off once now that they’re no longer being topped.


Wow, that’s a big mushroom! I would never eat one that I found on my own, I’m scared.

Your plants look beautiful, you could certainly SCROG them if you wanted.


My Polish friend told me you can eat every mushroom, but sometimes, only once. He goes Back to Poland every year & knows his shrooms, picks porcinis out of the forest, makes me green w envy he does.
I am very careful and this one is quite unique and hard to mistake, I’m with you, give them great respect.
Back OT.
SCROG: OK, I’m gonna try & figure out how to “catch” the three and how to rig it up. I cant spring for your set up (x3) right now so I have to figure some other way.
Just for convenience I’ll keep Mango up front so I can at least get access to the others. Access was one of the reasons I stuck w the 5x5 tent, its nice to have the space. Time to put on my thinking cap.
Thanks for the encouragement.


I bought a commercial net 30’ x '5 with 3.5" squares for 6$ on amazon


Hey whats up man, thanks for the head up, I’ll keep it in mind. Oddly enough thats exactly the size square I was looking for. Can you post a link to it if its not to much to ask, I’ll check it out in case my home made rig doesnt cut it.
I just started making a diy “prototype” based on Raustin’s rig.
I really like the idea of each plant having its own independent scrog, it would make it much more easier for me to tend to them. I love doing things myself with whats around and making it work…sometimes it works


Closest one I could find is this one, $10.00 now, prices jump up and down all the time,
like the price of a lobsters LOL.
Is this the one you got ?, seems pretty nice.


looks like it


Okeley Doekley! Thank you.
should be here by friday.


Hi Guys!
Here’s my makeshift net. I have it on duct tape for now so I can adjust it as necessary.

Question: Is it too low or should I raise it a bit??
Once I know what height to set it I’ll secure it to the posts. I have not “weaved” the branches into it yet,
wanna see what you guys have to say.
I’ll also be trimming some of the lower shoots/leaves once I set the height.
Thank you!


That will definitely work. Don’t put the net any lower than 12" because it makes it hard to work under it.


Thank you! Will do. Now its time to prune a little bit and water them, they havent gotten their watering yet, I like to water them early in the day but making the rig took a bit of time.
Will report later :slightly_smiling_face:


Blackberry’s done been caught. Some of the branches arent tall enough just yet to join the party but the’ll get there. Did some minor defoliating and some fim. They’re drinking a whole heck of a lot more to run off.
I’m excited about this since not only does it afford me a level of controlling their growth but I can always make a secondary net higher up to provide support when the buds start getting cumbersome.
Jolly Good!


Thank you again @raustin, you’re my guru on this journey. :wink:
I might make the other 2 nets slightly smaller. I basically copied the 22"x22" section from the specs on your system.


Yes, it looks a lot like my screen, but a lot cheaper! It should work perfectly. But yeah, looks like if you want to put nets on all your girls you’re going to have to make a smaller net so it fits in the tent.


There is a fine line between frugality and convenience. It’ll do for now. Didn’t mean to dive into the deep end with these new (to me) techniques so quickly but that frincken Blackberry just wants to take off.
I know in the end I’ll be glad I took the plunge.


This isn’t hard to do, in fact you’ve already done the hardest part - making the net.


Thats true, and again the benefits to be derived are a no brainer.
Now I gotta go steal my wife’s turkey baster :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: