Four strains, first grow!


Hi, and thanks for your advice. I was just getting ready to water them and figured I’d check in to see if anyone had posted about my questions. I’m with you on the less is more motto, I’m just going to water them w/CalMag today, they look very robust. I’ll check the runoff and go from there. I’d hate to rock the boat at this point.

Now as to throwing away the Pharma Poison, got it!
Thanks again!


Your prescription.


Ahhh!! (duh) Yes, thats the plan, going natural, and Organic :grinning: I’ve been on “Roxy” too long.
I’ve tried some of the other prescription sleep aids, Lunesta, Ambien, but they’re wayyy too funky for me.
Who knows what the hell they put in there but those two in particular give you really weird/not good dreams.
Looking forward to trying out Big Bud in particular.
Thanks Familyman.


Outta likes but loving the journal so far. Beautiful little ladies you got coming along. Welcome to the forum again. N good luck with getting your own meds popping. :+1:t5:


Thanks Man. The meds are popping alright :grin:
The Ladies are doing real good, a week ago I transplanted them to the 5gal pot and they’re taking off. Will probably do a second round of LST this weekend, wait a couple of weeks and see how tall they are, I know they will double in size once in flower stage. I’ve seen a lot of your posts and know that they’re appreciated.
Everyone’s been real nice on the forum, I hope I can contribute something to the proverbial pot (no pun intended but there it is).


Hahaha. Well played sir. Well played. And thanks man. I just try to pick up n learn as we grow. You seem to have pickd many a brain as well. :clap:t5::clap:t5:


Definitely, just reading a thread for fun one cant help but come across all sorts of useful information.
This place is like a candy store, so many intriguing strains, I have like 7 (at least) that I would like to check out.
All in good time I suppose.


Hi Guys & Gals!
Just a quick update. They are 6 weeks old since they “hatched” but only had them under the HID 5 weeks (and two days).
The Girls are doing fine, gave them their first nutes (very light feeding) today.
These are per 1/2 gal. ratios.
Big Bloom 1 1/2 tsp.
Big Grow 3/4 tsp.
Kelp Me 1/4 tsp. (only Big Bud got this)
CalMag 1/2 tsp every feeding.

DTS/PPM readings 1.8X10 average (Big Bud was 1.48x10).
PH is right on target at 6.4 combined (I did test each individual run-off) :upside_down_face:
I only check the PH every other watering since it seems to holding steady and consistent every time I check it

Miss Blackberry got her second round of LST (I always want to type lsd, its so close) and topped,
White Widder got some too, topped and trimmed a leaf or two to allow more light penetration.
Big Bud and Mango K I did not touch.

Here are a few pictures. The first shot shows run-off in saucer, I dont leave them like that but I do let them sit in it for at least a half hour, then they play leap frog into extra saucer while I do the readings and dispose of run-off.

Close ups!
Miss Blackberry:

Miss Mango K (I want to say Mr. Mango but that just wouldn’t be right:

Miss (Mr.) Big Bud:

and finally Miss White Widow:

New rotation arrangement (Blackberry was getting her ass kicked by the fan yesterday, her fault for getting too lanky).


Had a nice and welcomed cold snap in my neck of the woods last night which was nice as I was having a hard time keeping the temp below 81 with the fan on. If the fan is off they coast at 77 degrees.
The Lasko oscillating 12" fan in picture I borrowed from my wife, I purchased a Hurricane wall mount but at its lowest setting that thing blows too hard. I’ve noticed this to be the case w/most fans these days. The Low setting is really like a Medium High kind of gale.
Should the fan be blasting the plants even in oscillating mode?
I tilted if up a little bit today so its just barely rustling the tops.
Any recommendations on a fan, that Lasko is the closest I’ve come across to a gentle setting when
in Low gear.
Thanks guys and enjoy the Week End!


Hi Guys & Gals. Havent posted in a bit since there was nothing to report, the girls have been vegging out.
Just beginning what is technically week 7 (thursday to be exact) & I’ve noticed some an unmistakable growth spurt. Been topping and tried my hand at fimming (dont know if I did it right), but I think I might have to do some serious defoliation.


As you can see Blackberry is really getting out of hand and I’ve topped her a few times. I know I dont want to do any topping once they get into flower stage which will be soon. Her and White Widow are already showing a couple of hairs, Mango and Big Bud are not. They got their first “real” feeding yesterday, not at full strength, fed them two weeks ago but very lightly. The pictures below are of White Widow.


I am aware that they could potentially double in size once in flower stage so I was wondering, should I wait one more week (Nov. 1st) till I switch them to 12/12 light cycle or play it by ear? and see where they’re at in a week.
I’m in no rush (Blackberry is making a little nervous the way she’s growing though)
As mentioned previously Bib Bud and Mango Kush are not yet showing any hairs and I’d like them to grow a little more.
What do you guys think?
Last four shots, aerials!


I would let them go another week.


I still have plenty of headroom but I just dont want to make a mistake by letting them get too tall, thats my main concern.
Thanks guys!


Thanks @raustin, thats what me heart is telling me. What about defoliating them, or just wait till next week to do some pruning?


They all look nice and healthy, I wouldn’t do anything to them right now. Just let them grow for now and revisit them next week to decide when to flip and defoliate.


Sounds like a plan. They are very healthy, been very light on the nutes till now. They’re also drinking more which is inevitable but also to be expected. Thanks again! :wink:


have you considered tie downs for taller branches to help level out the canopy? or SCrOG?


All the plants have gone through a couple of rounds of LST. lots of tie downs on 'em already.
Not ready to take the leap into scrog just yet.


scrog makes me nervous. i want to be able to turn her around and tske her out. scrogs seem to make access difficult