Four strains, first grow!


LOL!!! Yep, its bound to happen, especially if one is stoned then its just a matter of time. :grin:


Lol it has to lol


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I’m going to try and post some pictures in a minute. I have been using distilled water and cal/mag, boy with 7 plants it was costing me a small fortune. I also worried that when I would purchase 30 or more gallons people would suspect me. Lol we had a good rain coming so i put 2 very large tubs on two corners of my roof. Got 39 gallons bottled and my tubs are ready. So I am changing my water next watering. Here is what they look like now before I start on rain water. I also raised the lights almost as high as they will go. Don’t ever want to grow this many in the future so I don’t want to buy another light which I think I probably need.

Any constructive comments will be appreciated. @Mote, @blackthumbbetty, @dbrn32, @fano_man, @


I am sorry, I think I posted my thoughts and pictures in the wrong spot. Should have been in “New beginning and First grow”. Didn’t know how to do it. Sorry again. Please don’t throw me out of the forum.


Lol! I doubt you’ll be excommunicated for that. It’s fairly easy to start a new thread, why not give that a try?


LOL! :grin: Yep, thats a lot to chew on, my max is four, thats more than enough for me to attend to, they require a lot of attention & litghtage

Perish the thought! They look great. Its absolutely fine, you’re gonna have a heck of a Harvest!!! :+1::sunglasses::green_heart:


They look great sweet heart great job


Thank you. I have two that aren’t looking so good. They are closes to top fan and I had it directly on them. Now I have it just barely hitting the tops. I’m having a hard time getting used to the fabric pots. I think they dry out quicker but at least they drain good.:herb:


They do compared to say a plastic pot but thats a Good Thing, especially for what we’re growing, good drainage and aeration.Never grew in plastic pots but with the fabric pots I was watering every 4th day (including the day I watered), how often are you watering your plants? Just be cautious and don’t over water. :wink: