Four strains, first grow!


This is probably a dumb question but, what do you mean by “hash”, do you smoke it and is there enough from trimming? I know its a dumb question :expressionless::smiley:


I always just rub it off the scissors and sprinkle into blunt. Kinda fresh but smokes like a champ


Ahhh!, Ok, glad I asked. I’m open to new smoking experiences, good to know, thanks bro.


No problem. A lil tip @raustin and @blackthumbbetty put me on. Those girls know how to get high! :joy::joy: betty has me making a tincture now


All of the sticky blobs that form on your scissors when trimming your harvest. I scraped it off with a razor blade and smoke it… scissor hash :joy::facepunch: good stuff


It’s my sole talent in life.


@Mote how are you getting those close up shots of the trichs? Just read through your whole thread , great adventure!


Thanks Man.
Here’s a link to it/em.

There’s also this one which someone mentioned in one of the myriad threads here, very nice too.

Have fun!


Apeaking of tinctures my cousin just came in from california to fla and brought me a bottle of CBD THC 2 to one liquid


Supposed to be able to rub on arthritic joints for relief im gonna try it dead sober tomsrro


Let me know how it works out @fano_man. I plan to make an infused lotion for my arthritic joints.


Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Here’s the latest update. Girls came out of their sleep but I did not begin the harvest till the 6th, first one to get the chop was Blackblerry K. Did White Widow the next morning. Mango K was next on the 8th and finally did Big Bud yesterday morning.

First of all… LOVE THE HARVEST!

Man that was a lot of fun, and when I finally chopped down that fricken Blackberry it felt like getting a really badly needed haircut. She’s probably yielded the most out of them all but its not rock hard buds they’re going to be on the fluffy side which I could care less as long as they do their job. It would be interesting to grow her again but not let her get as bushy, kinda goes for all of them, Mango was lagging behind the whole “race” but really pulled through in the end. Perhaps not as many buds but hers were the most massive and really heavy.

I took a good long look at them after their nap (wound up being 60hrs dark, no problem) w the scope, did not notice a dramatic change in the quantity of trichomes when they were on the plant and I revisited same colas to do the apples to apples comparison, so I let it go and concentrated on hacking them down.

Due to my shodly didley technique I wound up with tons of secondary buds below the main colas, some were pop corn ones but there were plenty very decent size ones as well. As a result when I cut the main colas off any given plant I only cut down the main part of the cola that was well developed, the lower part of them that was still greenish I left on the plant to cook some more. These buds are immature and with some more time in the oven should be just as good as the main ones (I hope ;o).

Enough talk, lets get to some pictures. (All Trich shots are post harvest, sooo much easier to photograph then when they’re on the plant).

Blackberry Kush (decent amount of amber trichs)

Mango Kush, ok amount of amber but definitely the least of the lot. Love that second picture below, that one trichome kept “winking” at me no matter the angle of the scope.

White Widow, she Had to be cut down, she has/had the heaviest concentration of amber, she was done. Gonna be an interesting smoke when done. Next to Mango, some very nice and heavy colas.

Big Bud, My Girl, very nice amount of amber, the last one to get harvested, hope that counts for something.

So here they are after their hair cut, heavily pruned the heck out of all of them old leaves.

I left one main cola from each plant just to see how much more amber they’ll put on in while the juveniles ripen up. I lowered the light fixture & gave them all a micro shot of nutrients, Mega Crop and and ff Grow Big, thats its, they’ve not had anything but water since Jan 26th, they were so grateful and loving it!

Although there is still some baking to be done I am Considering this Grow Officially DONE!!! Yay!

I want to thank everyone who’s helped me along this never ending (seemingly) journey LOL.
Thanks for all your advice (directly and indirectly) and camaraderie not only the people who posted on this tread but thanks to all the other threads that I read, lurked in and posted on, its all been incredibly helpful, I am deeply indebted and grateful to you all.
Peace my Brothers & Sisters :slightly_smiling_face: :green_heart:


Nice work bud glad you made it youll like the white widow i liked it crappily grown i cant wait to try it this round


Pictures are more powerful than words here as your collection has me floored


Thanks @fano_man, the white widow kicks kiester, this one’s going to be a little mellower than average due to all that amber, my poor pruning technique will yield a Second Flush (tea terminology) of very nice buds coming from her. :wink:

Thanks @basementstealth, that means a lot coming from you bud. :beers:


Thank you, I’m going to keep this so I can go back and forth with it because I am a slow learner. lol I use my phone for all of my pictures and I worry I am going to send pictures to someone unintended, especially facebook. That is all I need. My daughter doesn’t live in the same state so I don’t see her very often. My husband and I are pretty much on our own. Thank you for your help.


Dosent it smell queit “dutch” I dunno I never been to Amsterdam but I figure that’s what the streets smell like… of course…


Hi Rose, very kind of you, we’re all her to help each other. Your grow looks to be doing very well.
I use my phone as well, I just make sure I upload everything onto my pc and erase it of the phone, I agree with you, thats all we would need to be plastering pictures of our girls on social media LOL.
My main concern (since I dont do social media, fb, twitter etc) is that I’ll be showing my in laws some pictures of the kids on the phone and be like “disregard the multiple pictures of my marijuana plants in my house”… here’s little Danny riding his bike :joy:


LOL :rofl::joy: Dude you’r killing me. I’ve thought the same thing, the whole place must smell like pot all the time.


Ya, like I did…not Facebook but I texted a pot meme to my dad. 🤦
I realized it right away and flood him with texts and non pot related pictures in hopes he wouldn’t see it :joy: he never said anything about it but I’ll never know if he caught it .