Four strains, first grow!


Welcome to the site @Mote!!:sunglasses:


Two is recommended par levels for 3x3, just like @Missiles is putting together. You can throw 2 boards in any space you’d like for sure. But going much bigger than 3x3 would be less than recommended par levels.


Thank you @Olddog2270, its been a lot of fun and lots of learning.
Now just trying to complete this first grow :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thank you @dbrn32, I need to ponder this a while but I get what you’re getting at. I also really need to study my electric bills and compare them to this time last year.
Do you think two 206w fixtures would be a better solution for the 5x5 tent?
plus it still affords me the flexibility of two units?
Ideally would like to be able to grow 4 different strains (not let them get as big as I let these guys, learned my lesson) just for the time that it takes to get them to harvest.
Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:


I hear you Brother, it takes me for ever to follow and get through all the interesting threads :grinning:


Lol, yeah me too! New on the site by 10 days, great site, great people!


Do you mean the 260 kits? Hlg recommends two 260 kits for a 4x4 or three 260 kits for 5x5. Another 5x5 solution would be two 320 kits.

Any way you cut it will come down to targeted par levels. There’s nothing stopping you from growing with a single 135 kit in 5x5 if that’s what you want to do. It’s not going to light the space well, and what you do produce will likely be extremely fluffy. But if that falls in line with what you need out of the grow you could do it.

I feel you on spending the cash, and making sure you can handle monthly bill too. You just need to figure out what your priorities are in terms of cost vs harvest goals. Setting up a 3x3 is real cheap comparatively, maybe that’s a better option?


Yes, I meant the 260 kits. That might be the ticket right there, I’m fine with that footprint, I just like to have some space inside the tent so you can actually “enter it” :laughing: and move things about.
Agree, the 3x3 does have some very good merits.
Duly Noted @dbrn32 and thank you. Will take some time and think carefully about it, fortunately I have time yet so Im in good shape in that dept.
Sounds good all around :sunglasses:


Ten days?! Well by all means welcome to ILGM my guy. :beers: to many healthy happy heavy harvests


Get what you can afford and use what it will lightin In footage
… problems solved


For sure @fano_man I agree, to a certain extent it will default to those two variables LOL. always does.
This stuff is strictly for my personal use hence I’d rather go for 4 strains (ideally) and smaller quantitites/plants.
I’m thininking Bonsai! ish. :grinning:


Almost There
I cant believe I’ve lasted this long, dont have the patience but had no choice either LOL.

Hi Guys hope you all had a great weekend. so here’s the latest update. Girls got watered on friday, except for Big Bud they all got drilled and plunged into their 48hr dark siesta last night.
Trichomes have come along nicely, though perhaps not exactly the % I wanted I think its acceptable.
Pictures per strain were taken yesterday, I wanted to see what if any further ambering will occur after 48 dark, will take pictures to compare. Tried to get some real close ups of the trichs but easier said than done.
Here are some random family shots.

They’re definitely on the last leg of this journey, as am I.
Here’s a cool little trich close up, look like little thc jelly fish?!

White Widow, the most amber % out of the lot so far.

Up Next, Blackberry She is Ready to go, cant wait to chop her, she’s Done!

Mango Kush…

And Big Bud bringing up the rear… The color of her buds, while not exotic in variety are quite lovely in real person. I really hope she helps me sleep.

Smokie: Sampled some of their buds saturday that I cut on the 26th, they were not main ones but were pretty well developed. I did not test all of them but from what I did administer I’ve noticed a considerable boost in kick your ass power. They all hit much harder now, Blackberry is really quite nice and more than potent enough for me, super nice mellow high, definitely a “diesely” quality to it but too early to judge as to final taste. White Widow kicks like a mule, I can see why she’s so popular. Had some underdeveloped Big Bud and its still my fav out of the bunch in every respect, taste, high and smoothest of the bunch.

They’ve all become stronger in terms of high, dont really know how to describe, they kinda lay me out, not to sleep but very stoned! The smoke is smoother too, not harsh at all. I think I pulled the trigger on them (as far as amber trichs) at a reasonable stage but time will tell, I really hope they help with my insomnia. Further deterioration to amber will hopefully help with that. Looking to take the Ax to them tomorrow night.

Thanks for looking guys, just a little bit more to go now…Peace! :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent update! Congrats bro. Its time for the last dance. Love ur trich shots. Its sooo effing hard to get that quality. Im happy as hell for u. Hope u got a couple pairs of trimmers


Thanks Purp, I really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:. Ready for the last waltz for sure.
I got one cheapy set of trimmers, probably time to order the fiskars non stick :grin:
Just discovered that I could get even closer shots w the scope but its even harder to zero in on em, definitely time consuming but worth the effort. I’m getting very excited myself, looking forward to seeing how these girls will shake out.
Soo ready to start anew.


You did a great job. Those girls look very tasty. Harvest time is so exciting :grinning: congratulations :v::green_heart:


Nonstick my ass


You got that right!! I have a pair of Teflon coated mini " non stick" fiskars scissors myself… nope, not non stick :joy: They are better than the not non stick.


Hahahaha. Yea i have 4 pairs of scissors i may never be able to open again. Guess i need some nonsticks too now


Thanks @GreenJewels, I am psyched! Getting the QBs and ready to do a second round, hopefully that will shorten the whole “time” exercise. Cant wait to try out some autos, for that same reason LOL

LMAO, ok so I guess thats a bit of a myth.

That fricken resin is more like super glue :joy: I would normally say, spray them w/wd40 but that may not smoke well LOL. This may not be new to you but I’ve been cleaning my gear w rubbing alcohol and epson salts, seems to do the trick. Maybe soak them for 6 Months & see if they are still usable ?! :laughing:


Oh I love scissor hash. It’s my immediate reward from all the trimming.