Four strains, first grow!


Lol no definitely keep at least a daily peek on them. I remember a member saying it went from 5-10 to over 30 in a couple days.


Okeley Dokely. Watering tomorrow so I’ll take a gander then. Thanks again!


Those are some hella money shots Mote! All your ladies look beautiful. Nice and plump :wink:. I see you’re not far from Harvest either. You’re going to have a lot more trimming to do than me LOL


Thanks @Missiles, I’m really looking forward to wrap this up myself. They’re doing pretty well, no huge colas but certainly respectable ones so no complaints on my side. Very excited as I’m sure you are.
I think Im going to have to get the fiskars non stick pruners LOL :smiley: Probably going to do a wet trim.
Next round will be photos again but after that I want to try an Auto grow. Aside from the time disparities , autos actually seem a little more finicky than photos, regardless I cant wait to try them, plus there are so many more strains available than I could have ever imagined. Thats going to be a lot of fun.


Mote they are lookin’ ridiculously fantastic. Keep checking those trichs. You’re sliding down a great ending… Cheers…


Thanks BobbyLee, Yeah, I’m on it!


On it? Hell you’re all over it. Pat yourself on the back. That hard part of getting them here is over…


Awesome! All over it is even better. I am stoked. This hobby is a good exercise in patience (to a small extent), nonetheless I cant wait to wrap this up.
Gonna go & pat myself on the back now LOL.


Pat urself on the back or pack urself a bowl? :thinking::thinking: i think i know which one u chose


That does seem to be the most logical decision to make. Lol… Gets my vote…


Hey Guys, been kinda bummed this week. Feel like these gals are taking for ever to fully mature.
Not gonna lie, getting a little demoralized waiting for them trichs to turn amber. Its just taking a very long time (ending week 11 after flip).
I am seriously considering upgrading to those QBs, I think I am asking too much of this 600w fixture or maybe something else is off. They’re on plain water now, no nutes. ph is fine, tds/ppm is 263-347.
In any case, here are some pics I took today after watering.

Trichs, some amber but they’re far and few…


I’ve plucked some buds on the 3rd and tested BB, MK & WW on 8th, they’re certainly doing their thing but were a little harsh since they were not fully dry (had the dehumidifier blowing on em), smelled nice but did not have a great taste. the High was a little more “forward” as opposed to laid back/mellow but not bad considering there were probably some clear trichs in there. I tested them again on the 13th and they improved. The high was better, especially Big Bud, tasted really smooth and was really nice & mellow, pretty good taste, my favorite so far. I was hoping to pluck some buds w amber but it was not to be, so gotta wait some more.
NOne affected me with paranoia, dont forget I have not smoked in a long time, so this is a very promising sign since I was a little concerned about it.


So I was watering the girls this morning, and took some sample buds from all of them. Been checking for trichs to go to amber and its happening albeit slow. In any case I wanted pictures of the buds I took just for the record and Lo and Behold, I looked at Blackberry and saw something Really Creepy LOL.
It looked like an alien (not that kind, the extra terrestrial kind) pod!

WTF!!! She hermied!? :open_mouth: why, she was not stressed, (either that or they’re all hermies LOL…wait, not funny).
In any case, what should I do? should I puck her out of there immediately or is the damage done sorta speak? @raustin, @PurpNGold74, @OldSchoolGrower

Above is White Widow, probably the most aber trichs out of them all. :confused: but as you can see not nearly close to 35-50% I wanted to target.

C’est la vie :smile:


Sometimes they naturally grow a seed or 2 no matter what you do pluck any nanners if you see em but other then that you gotta let it go now


Thanks @fano_man, good to know, kinda what I figured. I agree, too far along to do anything other than let them go.
Hopefully another week of baking and they’ll be done. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yup n that seed is pretty mature at that so it happend weeks ago.

N i know what u mean. Mrs D was in flower 10 weeks n 2 days n she got the ax lastnight. My Afghan Hash (i read a 4 week flower somewhere GTF) is the same age n im guessing a couple weeks tg on her


LOL!!! Yes, The Ax! thats the stage I’m at now, Rage & vengeance, revengeance (past the denial stage, I cant deny It, and have settled into the acceptance stage), no more mr. nice guy though.
I’m gonna mess em up Bad this weekend.
Agreed, that seed looks damn mature, checked the chomes today, getting better every time I see them but still a little ways to go.
I cant really blame Blackberry, I just think my lighting is antiquated, certainly insufficient to do the girls justice. I am now seriously thinking of replacing the 600w HID with two 135w QBs, my electric bill has been getting its ass kicked. :joy:
Thanks for chiming in, good to hear from you Purp :wink:


Always fun to play catch up around here. 100s of posts :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

But yes i feel that. Bloodlust style death :joy:. And ur lightbill will thank u. @dbrn32 is it 2 -135w lights in the ballpark with most 600w hps


Not exactly. Would probably closer to 3.


Hi @dbrn32, seen your post everywhere sir & know you are the Man when it comes to Lighting, thank you for stopping by.
I was looking at the specs of the 135w yesterday and two of those fixtures would bring me into the equivalent 500w range. 100w less than my current set up, but it sounds like the QB’s are a more intense light so maybe that would compensate?! Right now I have 4 girls in a 5X5 tent but would be willing to scale down if I had to.
I have a 4x4 tent that I could bring into play with the two 135w fixtures.

Three would be ideal but would like to stay in or below the 300w range, especially with photos and the good ol 18/6…Ouch! :smile:
I like @Missiles 260w unit and was considering it but really want the flexibility of the two independent units which would be 270w combined. It also leaves me with the option to add that 3rd unit in the future.
The QBs are totally new to me & your input is very much welcomed.