Four strains, first grow!


Hello Everybody & Greetings.,

I’ve been reading some of the threads on the forum with gusto and I’ve learned quite a bit already.

You have a very nice community here, very cool place and figured I’d post some info on my grow rather than start asking random questions.

It being my first grow I know I’ll have some questions and from reading some of the threads this seems the best way to go. I’ll go into detail as to why I chose these particular strains but I wont bore you with that for now.

Here are my strains…

BIG BUD, BLACKBERRY KUSH, WHITE WIDOW & MANGO KUSH, (the last two for fun) all photo from ILGM.

I started by purchasing and reading a copy of 7 steps to growing cannabis and have been reading a lot of the threads here which have been very informative, thank you.

I like to be proactive rather than start asking questions once the proverbial shit has hit the fan.

Knock on wood everything is going ok (I think) so far.

Here are a few of the questions I’ve been pondering, and I know I’m probably getting a little ahead of myself but thats just my MO.

1 - Is it ok to feed CalMag at every watering, unlike nutes?

2 - I’m using Fox Farm products, soil & nutes. I’ve read that with this system one doesnt have to do the

Big Flush two weeks prior to harvesting, is that true, I dont mind either way just want to know.

I’m going for quality rather than quantity (though that’s welcomed). But mainly I dont want my harvest to have that Nasty Harsh quality when indulging in it.

3 - I know about the Trichomes, can they be used as an indicative as to when to cut out all the nutrients and possibly Flush the plants again with the two week thing in mind?.
Thank you all in advance.

This one was taken Oct. 2nd and I just realized only Big Bud (bottom right pic) is in the 5gal. The others were still in the 1gal. BB has always been ahead of the game, (first to transplant, LST, Top etc), gotta slow her down a bit, she is the Big Bud kinda Gal after all, if all the stories are true?! ;o).

This one was taken Oct. 7th

This last one was taken today Oct. 9th.


ive seen it before, having the plant offset from center. May i ask why u do it? btw it looks good so far
hope it all goes well


A little bit of background…

First off I’d like to say I havent had this much fun in a long time, really enjoying growing these girsl.

I love the smell of buds, there’s just something about these plants that is very alluring.

I have not smoked in many many a moon (like 25+ years LOL), I always liked it but I just kinda stopped (I do remember getting a little bit of the old paranoia), was never really big into it but it surfaced up on my consciousness and here I am. Since I’ve been out of the loop sorta speak I dont have any contacts hence no access to it and did not want to bother finding someone so I figured I’d grow my own.

Seem like its a lot more fun this way too.

I picked my strains very carefully knowing what I mainly wanted from this magical plant.

I’ve been on xanax for insomnia for a while (always been a poor sleeper) and I wanted to see if this would help my condition. Never thought of it as a sleep aid from what I remember but after much research sure enough it seems like it just might be the ticket. I will admit that I picked two strains up just for fun, I remember some of my first exposure to it being a blast and laughing uncontrollably and I wanted some of that too. This is for personal use only and look at is as more of a hobby, I dont know why but its just a lot of fun growing these plants.

With my main requirement being a sleep (& stress too) I chose mainly Indica dominant strains

(WHITE WIDOW & MANGO KUSH for fun) all photo from ILGM.

My set up: 5X5 grow tent, 600w HID(18/6 cycle, for now) w/all the accoutrements necessary.

Soil - FFOF. 75-79 degrees during the day 70 at night, humidity @ 50-55.

Looking at my notes I started germination Aug. 30th but I did not have them in the tent under the HID’s till Sept 6th so I’m kind of using that as my “start” date.

In any case I went through the basics, germinated in paper towels, then to cup, then to 1 gal. fabric pot then finally into the 5 gal. pots that you see in the pictures. The final transplant was on October 4th,

at which point I also started LST and topped them, I was a little afraid I may be over doing it all in one day but they didn’t flinch, they’re very healthy.

I also admit that I oftentimes lack patience so this has been a very good teaching tool for people with my predisposition, I must be more patient.

As of today I think I am doing ok, the pictures dont do them justice, my girls are looking very healthy, you can just tell by looking at them. I’ve been doting on them quite a bit.

The inside of the tent is very clean and more importantly the Outside of the tent is really clean.

I water them twice a week, and have only just started them on CalMag this past sunday, the PPM reading has been higher than I need it, (from the soil) so I have not bothered but I am going to start giving them Grow Big and Big Bloom every other watering starting tomorrow, slightly less than the recommended dosage. PH is fine and on target so far.

I’ve read that the CalMag is ok to give every watering without ill effects, is that the case?

I didnt think about this but starting with 4 different strains poses some difficulties, this is most noticeable with the Mango Kush, its very healthy but is growing at a different speed than the other three.

I was also concerned that their stems were not developing that much but that has change now, they are thickening up nicely.

Now that I’ve learned to be just a little bit more patient I was thinking of doing another round of LST on the three that are going like gangbusters but not the Mango Kush in an effort to slow the others down and hopefully allow MK to catch up a bit. Then wait a few more weeks and see how they are doing.

What do you guys think about this approach?, I’m open to suggestions on this particular issue since I dont know exactly what I am doing.


Hi Basementstealth. Thank you.
Thats the LST, I have the “Long” explanation above, dindnt want to start of on a long diatribe.
They are centered the picture just doesnt show it since I put a bit of soil at the base of the plants to keep them happy :wink:


ok. you planted them center, then pulled them off to one side and covered with soil. how many nodes are under the soil?


did you defoliate in order to do so?


No nodes under soil, I merely put a little bit of soil at base of plant since there was a bit of open space between base of plant and soil once I bent them over, just a light fill of soil. Root “ball/system” in Absolutely Centered in pot.
All nodes were and are above soil level hence no defoliation necessary. The pictures are a little misleading due to the angle of the photos you cant see the base of plant but I was aware not to do that.
Overall they’re doing fine, I just want to be prepared in case I pull a Homer move and do something stupid LOL. :open_mouth:


Your girls look great and you’re doing an amazing job for your first time.


Thank you Raustin, :blush: I’m really having fun with this little project, Sooo Excited.


It is a really fun hobby. I can’t even smoke all I grow, but I love growing it.


I think I’m going to be in the same situation myself, But I find the whole growing thing incredibly satisfying and exhilarating. Its just plain fun!


Welcome @Mote . You have caught the growing bug and it gets more exciting with each new grow you start . Now I have to go clean my tent ! Yours looks really good .


Aww, Thanks so much man, Im having a blast.
Definitely got the Bug all right, and this Is just the first time around the block ;o)
I already got some candidates for the second round. Excited doesn’t begin to describe it.
Kind Regads.

Now go get to cleaning!


I will happily take your excess off your hands @raustin Lol
Welcome to forum!!


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks Laurap, I’ll keep you in mind my friend.


@Mote I havent used the fox farms nutes so I cant be of any assistance there but if your growing in live soil you should be ok with cal/mag at this stage and I would be using as little of nutes as possible until your girls start expressing their needs to you. As you spend more time with your gals you will start to be able to read their “thoughts” so to speak and intuitively know what they need for the next stage. Less is more with growing…
Edit: each strain will express themselves differently too so you may not be doing a uniform treatment. oh and when your indica dominant strains are harvested you can go ahead and throw away that pharma poison…


Welcome to the community. I have been bit by the grow big also and have dreams of a warehouse of lush green plants growing. It’s so much fun. Like bonsai that doesn’t take years to grow and there is a nice little reward for your efforts. You should try your hand at cloning those girls too. Free plants for a long time. I’m on my first grow and I cloned my northern lights with 100% success.


Welcome, welcome! Your first grow looks beautiful!


Welcome it looks like you’re off to a good start. I’m still building my grow setup. Should be operational in a week or less. This place has help for every imaginable problem that could arise so you’re in the right spot for getting started.


Thanks Guys, I really appreciate the warm welcome.
@Familyman, your dream will come true. I have thought about cloning and all the benefits derived from it. I will keep it in mind.