Four of a kind into a Full House

So, my fiends :crazy_face:, welcome to my third grow in my first twelve months of growing :partying_face:. It has been one hell of a ride so far – and there is no way I’d be here without your encouragement and guidance.

The story so far, my first grow was started from a Lemon Haze clone given to me as he had to get out of growing. From that clone, I ended up with 6 trained plans into a SCROG under an average (Viparspectra 900W) using only Canna Vega and Canna Flora in Canna Pro soil. My take-aways were many – particularly Light quality, I had vastly underwatered and undernourished. I think they had enough to look healthy – but not enough to truly perform. I did however gain a lot of experience in cloning, LST, HST and SCROG. The result was very fluffy, very good smoke – and a lot of it – just no bag appeal.

My second grow was a summer grow, from seed, 4 x Pineapple Express Auto and 1 x Lemon Skunk Auto. They went from CFL, to Viparspectra in early veg and onto a 600-watt HPS in a Cool Tube. As I type this, the grow is still current – and highly successful. 3 PXA dried and curing – with a total weight of 11.5 ounces of very tasty and nicely dense nuggets. I still have 1 PXA and the Lemon Skunk finishing in the next couple of weeks. By the end I should be well over the ‘one pound out of a 4 x 4’ which seems to be the common benchmark. Completely untrained, I wanted to see how they wanted to grow – and handle the challenges successfully. No doubt the lessons learned positioned me very well to make the most of what they gave me.

Now, onto my next grow – and a lot more learning. This time it is back to photoperiod for me. Lighting will be very similar to the last grow i.e. CFL, LED to HPS and the medium again will be Canna soil products all the way. I cannot fault it – simplicity and results. A 4x4 tent and 10-gallon pots, 6” exhaust, 6” inlet and 6” oscillating fans to keep it breezy. I will be training these all the way – with the goal of 12 to 16 colas per plant. I have selected four strains and will run one of each to give a good variety to the results.

Starting with four aces and aim to fill the house with quality colas. Each strain has been selected for its effect and potency – the goal being pain relief and sleep assistance – colour and flavour range should be vast.

Barney’ Farm

Ayahuasca Purple (red River Delta/ Mater Kush), indica dom, 21% thc

Dos Si Dos 33 (Do Si Dos/ Gelato #33), indica dom, 22-28% thc

Critical Kush (Critical Mass/ OG Kush), indica 25% thc

Emerald Triangle Seeds

Critical Strawberry Banana (Critical Bilboa/ Strawberry Banana) sativa dom, 22+% thc

As always, everyone’s input is invited – as are any questions or observations. I will tag all that I can think of or may benefit/ have input.

Let’s get this party started!

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I’m on board :+1:


Thank you sir! Glad to have you along! :sunglasses: :+1:


I’ll be following along for sure.


I’m in! Nice selection Sir @Budz420 :star_struck:


Welcome! Munchies will definitely be required! :rofl:


Thank you sir! Thinking if I am going to achieve my aim, that I need good producers. :+1: :partying_face:


Well written first post, but where is the pics! I’m. Greedy lol.

I had a do so do or whatever but gave it up. In a seed swap looks like so no experience with it but I’ll be excited to see how yours does.

That’s a solid Mission on the plant trsinitm front but a good one!


Some people are never happy!:joy::joy::joy:
I like to challenge myself. I will probably veg for about 12 weeks so that I can set them up properly. :crazy_face::partying_face::+1:


Sorry I had to edit out your photo. We don’t care if you post about strains from other seed banks, but forum policy doesn’t allow for pics of packaging, etc. Happy Growing :call_me_hand:t3::bear:


Sorry! I thought I was gong mad!


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Not a problem. Going to have to get me some ILGM at some point!


You know I’ll be following! Thanks for the tag bro :sunglasses:. I’m interested to see the strawberry and purple. I want a purple something lol. Happy growing!


Present and accounted for…nice selection :ok_hand: thanks for the tag…I’m onboard…:sunglasses::v:


Cool, thanks for the tag. It sounds like you have a nice variety there. I will try not to get lost lol


Set to watching, thanks for the tag!!


Nice! I noticed that you dont mention any cbd in any of the thc stats… is cbd not in those strains? Its basically unsmokeable for me without some cbd in it.