Found two seeds on my plant


i found two seeds on my plant will they grow if planted


Yep wait till end u need them brown and make sure there are no male round or the seed will end up being male bless


thanks for responding .plant all female ijust found to two nice seeds didnt know if they would grow or not .thats two more for the next round


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Most likely your plant pollinated itself somehow, in a bid to create offspring. There is a high chance those seeds are femenized, due to there being no males nearby, so it would have to have been pollinated by itself, or another female.


I agree with @Aolelon
It’s not uncommon for this to happen
I find a few seeds in my plants just about every grow
One or two and I never keep males I don’t breed so they are of no use to me

Good luck let us know if they germinate when you give it a go