Found this this morning!

Just in time …
Plant is in very early flower .
Green lacewing egg …ive seen the larva on my plants before but never the egg
Love that I have them around here naturally .


What does this mean?


The green lacewing larve is a fierce predator of thrips ,aphids ,whitefly,scale insects
All the bad shit that wants to suck on your plant juices this is what that egg will become…

And that little tiny alligator looking bug will crawl into every nook and cranny of the plant and eat any pest bugs




damnned pests smh :roll_eyes:


I have 2 plants in containers on an elevated deck …as Bob Ross would say …as he’s painting some old trees …theyve had a hard life out here lol…

I had aphids …thrips …specifically the soybean thrip …I’ve also had a brief brush with white flies trying to infest my plants …

The only reason they are this healthy is because of the green lacewing larve.
None of those pests stand a chance against it .

I also have minute pirate bugs .Which are just as good as the lacewing in eating the eggs and larva and adult stages of these pests .

Was just nice to see a fresh egg laid this morning…once it hatches it will crawl non stop all over the plant and eat for 4 weeks then it will pupate and become an adult and leave …

This will be the second generation of them naturally …

My flowers are for the most part safe …
Was a great way to start my day …


Might get myself some larvae for my garden :grin:


@thedeernad Before you do …I’d take a close look and see if you may already have them naturally…I think I saw on one of your posts a pic of your garden and you have other plants .you may have them there naturally like I do …
If not …let me know if you do and where you get them and how it goes …I’ve read as long as you don’t release too many (cannibalism) and that you keep them away from ants (the eggs) you should be good …

I was just about to pull the trigger on some eggs off Amazon when some one at a garden center told me …tolerate a little bit of the pests and see if their predators show up …and they did !!


I’ve been pretty lucky so far this year and have had minimal pest issues. Couple leaf hoppers here and there, some little ants, couple stinkbugs…no major offenders yet

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No signs of pests in my new, legal grow in Virginia.

Plants are green, unchewed, and hopefully resilient.


i am getting tons of those lattern fly bugs.

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@oldguygettingbackin kill them …I don’t think they can fly yet …i have seen a few but not on my plants

Ive been killing them left and right when I see em


OMG Thank you for this! I didn’t know what they were and kept taking them off my plants but now I won’t!


I have no joking killed a few hundred… its been bad. I use the bottle trick works amazingly well

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@Autoregulator you are very welcome …
Also look up …minute pirate bug…look at their life cycle so you can determine what’s good or not on your plants …most of these pests larve are translucent and can vary in colors and sometimes can be hard to tell who’s who…google is a terrific tool and I say that without sarcasm… I just kept looking up beneficial insects …it turns out only a small percentage of insects are actually pests…if you can figure out what the bad ones look like in all stages of their life …you’ll know weather or not to try and remove them …I have also found that aphids …are the easiest pest to remove …plain water in a small pump sprayer …get a loupe and inspect your plants as much as possible …if you see them …they are soft bodied and holding the pump sprayer beneath the spot ypu see them …spray the water directly up into the area so it squirts them up and away from your plant …the water will kill them or knock them off …they are too stupid and slow to find their way back to the plant …but the problem is thier eggs will still hatch every 3 days …be persistent it’s just water …I have yet to damage a plant …one of mine is really getting going flowering and I will not hesitate to spray water right onto or through the bud area if I see any type of pest …you really do not need pesticide especially if you are an outdoor grower …most shit you spray to remove the bad ones …isn’t really too picky about which bug to kill …so it can really screw up the little ecosystem in an area.Not good for pollinators …or beneficial insects …sorry this is long and verbose …I’m just amazed at how much I have learned about because I decided I wanted to try and grow some medical herb for my wife …
I could keep going on about it …but I really think it would benefit any outdoor grower that hast yet…to learn as much as you can about the environment around you …some pests attack at night …DONT SHINE LIGHTS on your plant …LOL Just trying to convey any grower outdoors or even indoors could benefit from all of the information out there …I downloaded an app called naturalist …you can use images from your camera roll or take them live …it will tell you what it is …plants ,insects ,reptiles …etc…you can then look up that species on google and right away find out if it’s a pest or not …

Hopes this helps anyone …I’m a first time grower and “knock on wood “ I’m pretty damn happy with my grow …I’ve learned a lot from just reading so much information on this forum so thanks to all the good people here !!

Happy growing …

Rolled up some MK ultra before this …lol


@oldguygettingbackin ill have to look up the bottle trick …incase I see any more …I have only seen a few so far …and I have been really working on my property this year I’m out there every day …almost all day lol

Just wanted to throw it out there too …there is a product that I would use but it’s a biocide made from only other plant oils it’s not neem oil either …it’s like an emulsion I’m sure probably mixed with baking powder/soda …

Before I was down to just two plants …lol I had 15 …killed all the males…
But one of them I used the product and it worked to kill all sorts of pests and powdery mildew

So if you use anything try this before like captain jacks dead bug

Their customer support is astonishing also …personally text me telling me exactly what to do until I no longer had a pest issue …unfortunately I didn’t want it spewing man powder all over the place so I had to kill it …

The females never got sprayed with anything but water ,the beneficial insects are honestly the way to go
Do whatever you can to attract them …look up what they like …you will not need pesticide …I don’t use ANY even on regular flowers and plants outside …

And lol have no idea how the pic of the soybean thrip got in there …accident

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