Found these cheap LEDs



what you guys think? been researching the LED game for longtime but im quite impressed with the price of these, not amazing lights at all but definetely a good bang for your buck, one of the only i find that are worth what they’re worth. just thought i should post this in case anyone was looking and only afew pennies to squeeze.


Sure they would work fine just pay attention to par ratings and spectrums
They look very similar to all the Chinese made light which imo work well for the $
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I finally ended up getting 2 of the 1800 watt COB leds at $178 each.


Just so you’re aware. They are not really 1800w. They are 240w each.


Cheap LEDs are cheap, and generally not very efficient. I just refuse to buy something that says one power level but is really much less.


It does say their actual watts in the specs, silly not to be aware. I think the “15600000 watt led” bullshit advertisement is more or less its PPF equivelent to HID.


Yeah, long term there definetely no cheaper. But for a small over head i suppose you can light up your tent for your grow, which is more the concern of broke growers.


Yeah they over state there coverage by a long shot, but their stated PAR looks good and central PPF aint bad either.


I think they all do that on some level unless you get into the big $ commercial set ups


Hahaha yeah, best option is to build your own i suppose


Yeah if you have the time and skills thats a option especially if you committed to growing
I normally don’t suggest that to a new grower since some bail out after one or two grows
@dbrn32 @MAXHeadRoom both build their own lights @MattyBear built one recently also
If you would like to discuss building one they would be my go to guys


Thanks i definetely will at some stage :slight_smile:

There should almost be a megathread on it, not sure itd stay active enough though


Thanks for tag @Countryboyjvd1971! I couldn’t agree more, hard to invest the $ and time into a custom built light that you’re not looking at the long term aspect of its benefits. For every grower that ends up replacing everything they start with, there’s probably 2-3 that give up without ever having a very successful grow.

@BLZD if you’re interested in the diy projects I can certainly try to help layout a light for you. Outside of maybe the last fixture I did, the target is usually not to replace these budget fixtures though. It’s usually to save some cash getting top level performance stuff and make it fit your specific space. A lot of members break there space down to 2 or 3 fixtures, and build them one at a time. This keeps from having a larger initial investment, and gives you the option to try one without jumping in head first.


You know your the firat guy i think of when i rwad light build @dbrn32
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Appreciate that! Happy 420 to you as well! Just looking to get through this workday so we can go celebrate haha!


Hey :slight_smile:

I have no plan on buying LEDs that i put a link upto or building any of the same. i just put it there because ive been here a fair while and the same discussion happens over and over with new faces. LEDs on market are always changing so i thought id throw that up as thats the best cheap deal ive seen in abit.

As of building my own the best (or most tailored to my future grow) is the only thing im out to achieve. Just if your interested ill tell you what i have in mind just for the sake of it and ill start a thread, or post on existing one later about the details

Heres what im after: ill be growing in a
0.55m x 0.810m tub or container (about 100L), there will be 4 of these tubs in a square
(2x2 tubs), and i want a fixture for each tub, maybe around 200-250watt for each fixture, the number of fixtures and total wattage im happy to have means footprint really isnt important- ill just have extremely narrow focus on each fixture. One LED will be lighting 0.55 x 0.810m, so surely i could get that quite concentrated?

Ill be doing a Recirculating Deep Water Culture so thats whats up with the 2 tubs by 2 tub set up. and to reiterate 4 fixures will light 4 tubs that will be right next to each other so placing leds slightly off centre will mean the centre plants will be getting the edge of two lights and the edge plants will be getting more concentration. Hope this makes alittle sense as words and my shit explanation might not paint a good picture. Tell us what ya think.


Just so I’m understanding right, you will have 4 hydro setups, each red about 2’x2’? Any you plan on keeping plants about that size? So then we need one fixture for each plant, but they all need to fit in a space that’s .55m x .810m?

Maybe I misunderstood, but it doesn’t seem like 4 of those tubs would fit into that space?


I mean 2 tubs by 2 tubs sorry, so four large tubs in total, so like a square shape-two tubs wide, and two tubs long.

Each tub is 0.55 metres x 0.81 metres (grow tent will be 2.5m by 3m quite large)

The tubs will be side by side will a total width and length of about 1.4m x 2m (small space between them)

As for plant size, it will be a SOG grow, so barely any veg and straight to flowering- theyll sty compact and shortish depending on strain. There will be afew plants per tub too.

@dbrn32 sorry didnt reply this message to you


Sorry didnt reply last message to you


The ones I have are 6 three hundred watt cobs, each one with 100 three watt leds. True watts on these are 365. Use two to light up space 36 X 40 inches. I took apart one of my cheap 1000 watt leds that claimed 265 watt, but inside were 4 fifty watt drivers.