Found Seeds Late In Flower, Autoflower

So sadly to say I have found seeds late in flower from my autos, about 10 between 3 plants I did not see any signs any male during pre flower. And none of my plants have any “nanners” or “balls”. Im about 20 days from harvest. Has anyone found seeds late harvest? Im in organic living soil, using Gaia Green Dry amendments and worm castings along with Cal-Mag. No signs of deficiencies the whole grow smooth as can be. In Happy Frog soil with perlite and mycorrhizae. Ph water 6-6.5 before watering. 3 gallon fabric pots. 18-6 light cycle. Temps 72-78, Rh- 42-48. Can I chalk this up to grower error and potentially was me that hermed them, or could a plant have had a herm gene that i missed and pollenated my tent? Has this happened to anyone? Is the flower trash? Will the seeds produced be hermed seeds?


Those are just swollen parts. No seeds there. If you do have a few seeds, it’s nothing to worry about. Plant’em and enjoy!

Beautiful plants btw! Good luck and enjoy!
Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


@HappyHydroGrower Yeah the calyx I posted just did not have any hairs on it. I have not seen any male parts but have pulled about 10 %100 seeds out of the tent so far. Will those seeds be herms also?


Yeah you stand a good chance of those being the same. Those are probably good for outside or inside grows when you nothing else to grow! Sorry to hear that. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


So with those looks like swollen calys. U’ll know if u squeeze it a bit if there is a seed there u won’t be able to squeeze it much. Just said a prayer for u that if they r Sneed’s they r good viable seeds and for me to fall back asleep for about 3 hrs lol. Wow is it still ever early


@Mark0427 yeah not all of them have seeds in them but some do.

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Well that sux. But a few isn’t bad hell I e had a round come thru with seeds but kinda was my fault keeping a male around to coll3ct pollen for someone and that stuff flies far and fast. Lol.