Found seeds in autos?

I’m about 10 or so days out from harvest on 7 Girl Scout cookie extreme Autoflowers. Just popped a small bud off the plant to check it out and it had three seeds in it. No other plants have been in there.
How is this possible and are they worth planting?
I hope it’s not every plant. They were looking nice; hope it’s not seeded up. Any suggestions?

Is growing season outside? Do you filter air intake?
You could have brought it in on your clothes ?
It could also be that one of your plants hermied.
If you found 3 seeds in one bud chances are you will have plenty of seeds. You can plant them but keep in mind that if they hermied it’s in their genes and they might hermie too. And if it is an outside pollination you don’t know what has pollinated your girls hence what you end up with(could be hemp grown for fibers)

I would definitely try to grow some, although i hope it will not be from one that hermied on me…

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There in a tent. So hoping just the one hermie

Girl scout cookie is a known hermer

Probably threw a few nanners.

All breeders? Or is it just an ilgm thing…

I have been noticing an trend on this board…

Is all it takes to Polinate the whole neighbourhood …

All breeders. I’ve grown 4 and every single one had nanners of some capacity. Not terribly bad and unnoticed until smoke time

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I’ve only had 2 strains herm on me. It was GSC and durban poison.

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Read that purple kush herms a lot also

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Gorilla Glue has a tendency to herm also. I think more so the photos than the autos, but
I’m probably wrong because I’ve never grew an auto.

Actually, I think the GG#4 strain was from a Herm phenotype that they played with a bit to
produce that strain.

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Every fem seed has the herm gene and the potential to herm because every fem seed has a herm for a father. Then many strains are sensitive to different stresses and stress is what causes hermies it’s a vicious circle that will probably not end well as more and more people are breeding herm gene to herm gene back n forth


So it looks like the other plants are ok but I’m going to have a bunch of seeds in the one plant. Will they be more likely to have the hermie gene if I plant them? Or should they be gtg?

Zkittles= hermie traits :man_facepalming:

Regulars are best if you have the room :ok_hand:


Isn’t the fem trait achieved with collodial silver???


It is. But you make a hermie with the silver. Get it? The silver is used to force the father.

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Basically in the start of flower you start the silver treatment and your pistils turn to balls, that pollen and a female plant is what makes fem seeds.

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so the silver is only to force hermie didnt know that

@outdooring Because reg seeds are stable it takes more than light to cause them to herm so you use a chemical to cause enough stress they herm and grow male balls but because a female can only make female pollen when you pollinate a female plant all the seeds are female or fem. So if you stress a plant and it goes herm any seeds will be fem as well butt this is where the problem starts if you herm a plant that already has the herm gene and make seeds those seeds will have more of that gene. With so many different people out there playing breeders with fem plants crossing their DNA with other fem plants and so on it muddies up the whole damn gene pool and we won’t have weed anymore it’s gonna be some mutant mess. If you notice there’s more mutant plants every year. Now us old timers are giving in to using fem seeds me included it’s getting harder and harder to even get regular seeds. I mean how regular are the seeds from a fem plant anyways???

Sorry for the rant I just think that it is not going to end well, messin with DNA can’t be a good thing imo and for what the convenience of not having a male plant or two to throw out