Found on letgo general hydro aero 2


Okay guys found this setup on letgo for 125 trying to get it for a hundred is it worth it comes with everything including nutes.@hammer @ktreez420


$100? That’s a STEAL! That setup is perfect for a Sea of Green grow. I love that it gives you a continuous pH reading as well as PPM! How long did he use it for?


He said not for long he’s moving to an apartment and can’t take it comes with lights and everything. I wasn’t going to grow hydroponically but I think I kinda have to now so do you think 10 autos would do nicely in here or 10 photos in sog @ktreez420


as long as you don’t have to pick it up at the county sheriffs office…


Hey I want fresh mint and basil


I think 10 would be over crowded unless you going to flower the clones for a single cola bud , but if you plan on vegging them at any sizable plant than it can become over crowded , unless you space them out and give your side shoots room to stretched . But the system looks very cool for a rookie to hydro like myself , and like ktreezs said it gives you a constant reading of PH and PPM plus Temperture in the reservoir , but I don’t have the space for that rig , but if you plan on cloning and putting them straight into flower yeah it would be superb for 10 single bud plants .


Wanted to do 10 autos you think it will work


No you won’t be able to do Autos in it they are predetermined, they will grow too big and crowd

… it could work for regular plants but you’re going to basically have to flip them to 12/12 from go or they’re going to grow too big and it won’t work

…if you can use it, for the price I would say it’s good, I might keep clones in it or what have you but it’s not ideal for growing full size mature plants

Edit I think the lights alone are worth the money and I would take the whole deal you can do sea of green in it but you’re going to need to keep your plants between 18 and 24 inches with one main cola it can be done it’s not even hard to do it’s just not everybody wants to grow that way


Check out YouTube video on sea of green single bud plants , I believe his system is almost similar , but he clone let them root transplant them into that system and flower them , man he has like 20 single big fat bud plants . I think if I remember correctly he said he produce like 4 ounces every run from single bud clones .


Okay guys I got all of this stuff including nutes and pH monitor for 100 big ones!!! Guy didn’t want to grow veggies anymore. Gonna sell me a 55 gallon rig on the first of next month.


@ktreez420 @yoshi @Hammer @latewood @Givemefire this is some of it cleaned up the nutes alone are worth 100+


Wow spotless no dirty in sight. Man I’m embarrassed to even show my area.
I’m too stoned to come up with something witty. That nla packs a punch. I kinda know me


Lol doc wish I lived near you I feel we would do stupid things together


you got all that? Nutes, containers, everything?


Yeah everything stand everything!


He’s holding this for me


Oh my that’s a nice system. And yes we would. That’d be called good times


that was an amazing deal man.


I know it’s crazy a fellow vet taking care of another also god was blessing me especially with holding the other system for me


Ok just went to top. Dude what a score. I wish I had bigger space for hydro. I want to grow veggies and the good stuff. Just think pot and dinner growing side by side.
Pop…I’m back
Hydro is easy once you figure the routine of it out. Maybe in a year I could use closet and grow all. After this city water thing, hit veggies not bad, I want total control of everything.
Miss it and miss my reef tank. Same thing as hydro. I had to measure cal, mag & 5other goodies for the corals. I had to make sure right and after time I could look at a tank and tell you diff’s on the corals.
Hydro same

Awesome score and off to puff n pass