Found bugs, help!


I am a first time grower growing indoors in a 2x4x6 tent. I have 2 plants about to start week 7 of flower in fabric pots that sit atop of AC infinity self watering bases. This morning when I went to check water levels, I noticed a bunch of spread out moving dots. They are about the size of a needle point and clear. I didn’t see any on the plants, they are just roaming the outside pot and watering base. Can someone help identify what they are and a solution to rid them?

These are the best shots I could get :grimacing:


I don’t exactly know. See if someone else can chime in. But if it’s Hypoaspis miles it’s a good thing. Sounds like it’s some kind of soul mite.


Its a soil mite. No worries. If they bother you, spray some jacks dead bug on your pots.


Alrighty, thanks! As long as it’s not something predatory to the plant and ruin the harvest I’ll leave it be.