Found a wild plant. Is it a hermi?

What is going on with this plant? I found this wild plant outside, and took a trimming because it seemed weird. I thought the little balls were pollen sacs, but there are seeds inside of them. I don’t see traditional female flowers though so I’m thinking it is a hermi. The plant is about 6’ tall and 4’ wide, and covered in these. What did I find?

These are seeds that came out of the balls that I thought were pollen sacs

Female that got pollinated early on it looks like. However I do see a pollen sack. Zero energy went into flower production. Atleast that’s what it looks like to me. Also potential bud rot.

Sad plant.

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Oooo, I didn’t realize that was possible. Might be worth snagging some seeds off of it, if it’s not a hermi.