Found a seed. Is it viable

Somebody gave me a little of what he called Gorilla Glue but I don’t know if that’s right. I ended up with a single seed. It’s white and hard and cracked open a bit at one end. I’m going to figure out a way to get pictures posted but it’s kinda dark and I don’t have a great camera.

Can this grow? If so should I put it in something like a peat pellet to start? I don’t have my grow tent set up yet.

im not so sure tht seed is any good. it looks premature and its cracked open already. sorry.

I sorta figured. Thanks.

no problem. order some from here. good quality and i got mine in 3 days after shipped in the US

I’m gonna when I get my tent setup. White Widow auto flower. I think I cracked the damn seed open myself too. I found in the grinder after grinding. They can’t all be zingers though.

oh yea it definently aint no good then lol. was it from reggie?

It wasn’t, which surprised me. I associate seeds with reggie but this stuff was alright. Just had a single seed in it.

good strains can produce seeds too if it hermies from too much stress or too much light leak. it forms pollen sacs and pollinates it self. and they say the seed you get from a hermie will grow a hermie.

I think bag seeds are not cost effective unless you have something growing that you know is female (my opinion) the reason I say that is I had a friend who planted 7 bag seeds after growing them for two months they were all boys all that electric and nutrients and nothing to show for it. Cheeper to buy good seeds

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yea i think its better to buy good seeds too