Found a seed in my bag

So i found 1 seed in a bag i got so said ill give it a chace. How long will it be before the sex will show and whats the chance of it comeing to anything


Autoflowers or photo :rofl::rofl::rofl: they usually show when mature if it is female and treated right she will reward you well. On the other hand could be a male

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Cannabis is usually sexually mature and will show at some point between 4 and 7 weeks. Some can take a few weeks longer.

She looks really wet. Let the soil dry out, then give her a couple ml of water per day. Increase watering volume proportionally as she grows.

Bag seed is prone to hermie, so keep an eye on it as it flowers.

It will be fine so long as it isn’t a male or a hermie.


I dont no what it is :joy: but just said id pot it and see might come to something second grow tryed a auto did not have success. So be looking round 7 weeks to no what sex

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germinated it in the litle pot why its looking wet drying off now

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Between 4 and 7 normally


Good Morning :blush:. It’s going to be great as long as it female. Happy Growing!! :blush::v: