Found a good spider mite fix

Last grow I had bad spider mites. Tried several things but none took care of the problem for good till I got this stuff. First application and it took care of all of them. Been using it for a little while now as preventative and have yet to have them come back. The yard has them everywhere but this has kept them from my meds.


@Skydiver might like this.

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Got it from amazon


Thanks for the info @Painfree and the tag @AAA

Shit is ordered be here tomorrow
Hopefully will do the trick as I’m so tired of fighting this battle.
Need to up pot several plants and reattach tie downs etc etc and have been holding off wanting to eradicate them mofos before doing so.


I tried others and this did the trick. Hope it does for you too


Buying this and DE as we speak. Just transplanted into ffhf came home opened my tent and seen a damn gnat or something come out of soil lol… SOB

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You want gnat nix and yellow sticky pads.


You can see the gnats flying around thats where the yellow sticky pads come in, they just help to show you that they are around and helps control them as they stick to the yellow cards.
Dont use H202 to much as it damages root structures and microbes
If you want to get rid of them before they alter your yeild or kill your plant you use Bti Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, combined with yellow sticky boards. I have used every other method!!! this is the only one that totally gets rid of them and breaks the cycle. And is totally safe.

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Identify the bugger first and then get something.
If it’s fungus gnats that’s a relatively simple and inexpensive fix.
If it’s something else than things change
Take a minute and watch things and if it flies it isn’t spider mites.
Mites are very small and you’ll need magnifying device to easily see them or contrasting color from the mites and just watch for movement like watching stars and seeing if it’s a plane or a star…relative movement of small whitish spots…

They come in various colors / patterns but a mite is a mite
The pic was from awhile ago on my tie towns which I removed from plants…
Fungus gnats no real worries they are easy…adjust watering practices and put BTi granules on topsoil and water in.
This is what I use…as long as what you buy is the BTi strain they will take care of them.

The yellow cards are just something to use to monitor adult population based on how many get stuck. I don’t use them anymore as long as I can spend 10 minutes just watching to see if I still have flying gnats or not. I use the BTi for every planting just as a preventative as it doesn’t take much and it’s cheap.

If you get BTi you wouldn’t need DE too but DE is good to have on hand for other things like Mites and soil amendment.