Forum safety and safety of sensitive data

I’m concerned about safety of posting pictures and mentioning growing indoors. Is this sight safe?
I’ve been growing professionally for the past 40 years and I have a plethora of information to share.
I’ve grown in new york, vermont, New Jersey, and plenty of states with legalites


Welcome to the forum, very safe and confidential


Definitely safe as long as you are cautious. Get a meta data remover for your pictures and, if you want to be super cautious, a VPN.


Yeah no problem and honestly at this stage of the world, it’s becoming less of an issue for law enforcement to invest there time in. Unless you got a massive operation it’s not a big deal.


Welcome to the site!! The rules of forum are design for this specifically for our protection and theirs. Awesome folks, willing …and certainly able as you’ll see… ha, ha, ha!!
Looking forward to your posts, us newbies are big sponges for knowledge… :+1:

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We all got a noob hat even if we don’t wear it much. Lol