Forum admin request


Is there like a signature option i am missing to go with my posts? I see this on other forums to list your items that stay the same or little change … Like location, grow info, environment, lighting conditions etc so we don’t have to enter this info every time as i know items like this may be a question responders have to answer my questions… I have my profile filled out

Just wondering if this is an option or been considered and denied?


Sorry misread and misunderstood that, yes we have a support ticket for things like that, thanks @Stomper you caught my mistake


We have a support ticket that can be copied and edited as the specifics that can cause issues change often. Things like ppm, ph, light distance, rh, etc.


Hahahaha you guys are way off of what he’s actually asking… But I can see why there’s confusion.

He’s asking if there is an option to add a “signature” for each of our posts.

Meaning, every post I ever make would say something like this underneath of my actual post,

“Treez. East Coast. 600w HID lights. DWC. Good vibes :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:️”

And that “signature” would be there always, for every post, allowing members to always know those things and be reminded with any post I make.


Let’s ask @ILGM_Support, they should know!


My man ktreeeezzze hit the nail on the head!

Because there are several environmental things that may affect the answer or help you offer and I want to be a lazy stoner and not enter that stuff everytime.

Pound it KT!


Although we at ILGM would like to have a signature option; It is not available on this software.

I may look into it in the future. (There might be a MOD at the software website but, this is down on the list of priorities.

Hope you can continue to enjoy the forum without one.

lw.ILGM Admin