Forth plant, is she ready for harvest?

Hi @Trizzoop, here is a link to my other topic that has the light information in it.

First grow down - New Grow Room Build-out - Newbie_MN

If you start around post 64, that was my original build (which has since been tripled).

I believe at this point, my light draws about 450w from the wall. It totals 42 bridgelux strips and three drivers.

On the other questions, I’m not a light expert, @dbrn32 helped me out a lot, he may chime in on those…

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Building usually gets you into leds with a lot higher efficacy.


Here are more pics from today…

Stalk is crazy!!


Dude that is soooo sweet. How d you get it all squirrelly at the bottom like that!?

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Man she’s super Healthy!!! Still a lil ways to go. Super sexy

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@newbie_MN I built that exact tote system
From the same YouTube video. Can you send me the pictures or names of the nutes you used and the schedule you used them on. It will be my first grow in water! 3rd over all and the first grow was two male plants and I hadn’t a clue. Lmmfao. They were some bad ass plants tho. Think I would have got a reward if pollen sacs were grade-able!

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That plant is freaking gorgeous! Still seeing clear, for some reason.

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What strain is that?

That’s called lemon pound cake @ReconBravo. It is a clone we got from Illinois.

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It’s a beautiful strain for sure

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@Trizzoop, as for the squirrely bottom, it’s interesting because my grow partner accidentally cut the entire plant in half when it was young, it recovered, and then just some training using tie downs.

Every plant I have done turns out looking like this, not sure how to get it to “stretch”… They always turn out really bushy and short. Do I just keep the light further away in the veg stage? The light is typically 12-18 inches away from the top until flower where we really blast it by keeping it closer… Any thoughts here on that would be great, i’d love to have longer, easier to trim plants if we can…

Will my plant die if I accidentally pulled off some roots during transplant? They were stuck in the bottom of the pot kind of compacted and I did not see they were still attached!:pensive::pensive::pensive:

I feel sick to my stomach. Lol knew I shoulda just left it in a 2 gallon pot

@MrPeat ?

@Trizzoop What did you need? Sometimes plants with die if they lose some of their roots. This is why I truly hate transplanting. So much can go wrong real fast.

My seeds with tap roots go straight into their forever home. I’ve killed a few from my glasses falling off and hitting the sprout. Another I killed when I was moving the buckets so I could get i to the tent. The power cord to one of my HLG lights fell and crushed the plant as well.

Not likely, unless it was the tap root and it was seedling. I’ve killed those. How much root ball did it have left? If yours has extra, it’ll be okay.

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Might take it some time to recover just keep a close eye on her

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That’s the plant and the root I pulled out. Ther was plenty of soil directly connected to the plant atleast a gallon n half and more root hanging in various places.
What is the proper way to transplant bc I have one more to do but now I’m a little p.t.s.d about it??