Formulating a plan! see what you think runoff

Ok so talking about getting ready to go to 12/12 plants are going in the light phase very sooner due to outside factors out of my control.

Watered yesterday and with a pH 6.1 and ppm 435. One of the two plants runoff is pH 6.8 ppm1731 and second one is pH6.71 ppm 2582.

Both plants have a bit of a nutrient burn as you can see from my ppm. I know this and have been watering pH water since I have notice it and brought up the questions but anyways. The ppm has come down from a reading I did 10 days ago so it is going in the right direction. I was on vacation so I did not do the watering so I got no info on the last runoff. also no was here to keep the top colas getting fried and crispy against the mighty T5 not much damage it will be interesting to see what the next week brings.

So on to the plan: next watering and change the lights and timing to 12/12. Use a pH of was thinking 6.0 and a low ppm which my taps seems to hang around 400-500ppm. Water them until I can’t get a lower pH and ppm. to say 6.5 ph below 1000ppm?? then let dry out which is about 5 days maybe more then star flowering nutrients.

I am sure I have missed some thing but anyway welcome comments and suggestions really just thinking out loud.


I would do a flush of my soil, personally. Or a cleanse. Seems like you have some build up in the soil, and if you’re transitioning into flower then it’d be a good idea to flush out the built up nutrients and salts so that your plant can eat all the good flower nutes you’re about to give her!



im watching and will let @Majiktoker or @garrigan62 answer this one :point_up:
I want you to get the best advice possible on how to proceed properly
Post pics and info as you go along bro

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I was tossing the idea around of doing pH watered flush. I have the ff trio and with the schedule they mention of sledgehammer but wasn’t sure.


Thanks bro I gets some photos

Flush your plants out to me sounds like you got it if you and I did @garrigan62 will come behind us and catch what we missed


I would flush until the PPMs match your tap water. Just me…

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Here are what they are looking like