Formal education

I’ve been an amateur grower for a year now…and I’m strongly considering this as a career. There are soooo many online programs to choose from it got me wondering are there any preferred schools or programs in the industry that might be considered the “ivy league” (forgive the pun) of growing weed?

Check reputable weed media such as High Times.


Consider who got rich during the 1849 gold rush. The guys selling goods to the miners.
If you want to make money from this boom you should be selling grow supplies.
Just my two cents


You could learn just about everything you need on this forum from 1 plant in a little tent, to huge monster crops with multiple plants 10’ tall, to 100+ plant indoor operations.


There are reputable college level courses and programs. Some universities are beginning to offer them as full programs and as community learning courses. I have come to a crossroads like you. Can I make my interest and passion into a career? So I have started taking courses at a local university to transition into a medical cannabis educator for patients and medical professionals. There isn’t a position at my employer that helps patients navigate medical cannabis use and benefits. So I have decided to create one. I’m getting my degree to help the patients.
When there isnt a road already there, time to make one.


The streets taught me the business :nerd_face:

ILGM taught me how to grow