Forced flowering in kalamazoo

I have three really healthy plants. The are potted (2 10” and 1 8”) and all are about 30-32 inches tall. Here’s my problem: I thought I ordered auto-flower but am not sure, duh. I can’t get back the supplier (another story) so what should I do about harvest?
I am thinking of force-flowering them on Labor Day. That would give the buds plenty of sun as they mature the whole month of September. (going for quality, not quantity). Your thoughts?

At that height I would go another week or 2 and flip to 12 and 12. 3 weeks for stretch and start of bud and 5 more weeks till ready. BEST OF LUCK!

thanks man. I’ll try your suggestion. Growing is actually kind of fun.

I tried to edit last but was too late. If your plants are that tall, Flip now. You have 3 weeks of stretch to go through so i will suggest a scrog net to try to keep canopy even. You dodnt want to be so tall you can’t keep your lights high enough above them. Read all you can and welcome aboard. Second best hobby I have ever had. I fish.

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