Force flowering outdoor plant

I live in the eastern panhandle of WV. I want to try force flowering, but I don’t know if this will work. The sun typically rises here between 630 and 7am, and sets around 830, with a solar noon at about 130pm.
If I were to bring the plant indoors and cover it, blocking all light, at about 630pm, and returning it outdoors at 9 or 930pm when its dark out, would this 12\12 regimine force early flowering?
I’m worried waiting for it to flower naturally will run past the first frost here on the mountain.

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If you block the light right with no mistakes it should work. Can you bring the plant in earlier than 6:30pm. I think a little extra dark at first would be good and make sure you transition it. Or you could bring it inside and leave dark for 24 hours to help ensure the plant notices that it is time to change and then go to 12/12 following the 24 hour dark period. Strain will also come into play but I’m not well versed enough to help you out in that area.


Thanks @Vexer. What I was thinking was maybe leaving it indoors until about 10am, giving it 18/6 or around that

I would bring them inside at 7pm and leave them in the dark for the full 36 hours which brings you to the 7am light cycle and then go to 12/12 from there. It seems like you are in a spot where it needs to work or risk losing all your hard work, so I would just do it right to ensure the switch.

You can do the 12/12 only and have it work fine, but if the early frost concerns you so much, then that’s why I would do a big dark period to kick things off.

Gotcha. I’ll go that route. I know the temperature drops drastically around mid October, so I want to beat that change. This is my first grow, so I’ll be Happy with a small harvest.

Thanks for all the info.


Good luck. Let me know how the transition goes!

I’m also interested in how this goes. I considered doing something similar this year with one of my girls, more as an effort to keep harvest a reasonable size. Please let us know, and good luck.

Following something similar in Nor Cal for about three weeks (and my parents met in W. Virginia!), and the three plants are flowering. .

The plants are generally covered by 6 PM, uncovered when pretty dark, about 9 PM, and first light is about 6AM here. It is also very dry, and very hot.

I have read just about every “light dep”"thread on the interwebs, which helps a bit.

I’ve got several plants that I forced into flower 2 months ago by putting them in a tent every day after 10-12 hours outside.

TBH, it’s a pain in the ass to move them every day. It works just fine for flowering, but if you forget just once, everything can be thrown off.

Yes it can be done. One just has to be ultra consistent.

Have you tried just covering plant? A empty refrigerator box works as as a closet. Just lift up in morning and put over at 6 or so. Easy if plant isn’t to big and isn’t to round. That was how we had early flowering for a mid summer harvest, to tide us over.

Just don’t lose your air flow with whatever you decide.

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Well. It didn’t go well. After i took it out of 36hours dark a day in the lightstarted to turn leaves brown on random leaves throughout the plant.
I decided to go back to my natural time of night and day. Its now under 14 light, 10 dark. No new leaves have changed brown yet so im hoping that she is ok.