For what it's worth

These are clones from the same mother same earth same feeding schedule. The only difference is the pot!!!

She has been like that for 7 weeks yesterday i decided to do a flush and finally found out what the culprit was…

What would you have guessed is the problem?

No idea what was it ?

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It was a mistake of mine
It had something to do with the pot
I only found out because i tried flushing

Gotta say check for proper drainage in that pot

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We have a winner

After I put 3l of water into the pot and didn’t have runoff, i thought maxbe it’s very compacted at the bottom. Give it some time… One hour later no runoff…
WTF… Is it possible… I take a look at the bottom and couldn’t belive how i missed that… There were no holes in the pot. She was standing 7 weeks with wet feet… Im glad I watered very sparingly, and I’m impressed she didn’t die.


Good call


Look at her all happy getting some nice green taint…

It’s funny how the absence of nothing can cause so much trouble

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Notice how the dark green is coming back from the tips inward…

What am I looking at? Is this the nitrogen filling up, that couldn’t be absorbed because the roots where in the water?

Probably getting oxygen to the roots now and chlorophyll is starting to fill in. With nitrogen deficient leaves, the color doesn’t come back.

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Good to know… :+1: