For the Shroomers that grows from spore in spawn bag

So I started on a grow but this one isn’t cannabis it is more in fact golden teacher mushroom grow. First time growing them ever. Don’t know if anyone on here grows mushrooms but worth a shot. My golden teacher grow is colonizing it has shown signs of mycelium growth. The thing is after it’s 100 percent colonized will CFL bulbs be okay to use to have them start pinning or can I use my 600 watt mh light I use to grow cannabis strains?? If so how high does light need to be is it like veg or flowering stage for cannabis with light height? I do know with mycelium it doesn’t do photosynthesis just feed off the lights energy.


Check out this thread. If your questions aren’t answered, the folks in that thread could probably answer any questions you have.


Thank you @BobbyDigital

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I hope all is well. You are usually sporting that hot GDP and I believe GL. I just got curious and ordered some spores. Went wit Fiji Island and Blue Meanie. I am a pretty basic outdoor grower. I hope this is not goi going to be too technical. Very excited. Just microscopic research……Good luck! I am just starting and have no kit or medium. Spores are about ten day for delivery. Suggestions appreciated.