For the outdoor growers on here when do you usually start from seed?

I don’t really know much about when to start seeds and when the best time to put them outside at right time? I don’t know whether I should start this month germinating them or wait til next month. I am wanting to put plants outside on first week of March next year since max daylight hours is 13 to 14 hours a day. What size should plant be to transplant in ground outdoors? I will be germinating and vegging quite a few plants in 3x3 tent that’s including 4 plants normally gonna grow in 3x3 tent, 6 to 7 plants in 5x5 tent when other plants are done, and quite few plants outside. The seeds I’m using are all hybrids and feminized seeds.

I’m having a little trouble understanding.

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Me if ur wanting to go the first week of March, Drop em first week of jan, I like em to be around 2 months before moving outside,

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@Unknown A 2 month old plant can thrive in ground with no pot right? So if their transplanted in ground it first of March it should be done around August or longer? @Unknown @KeystoneCops basically trying to time grow cycle right. I have right now 4 plants in seedling stage right now that are going to stay in 3x3 tent. I have 6 other plants germinating right now and going to put them in with the other 4 plants in 3x3 until the 8 plants in 5x5 tent is done then I’ll move the 6 germinating right now will be moved to 5x5 tent. I had forgot to write in post if all outdoor and indoor plants going through seedling stage in one 3x3 tent for about a month or two will be too cramped. If that helps any better lol


4 plants should be okay vegging in a 3’x3’ tent for several months. If the plants grow too quickly, you can always prune them back.


Do you think for say 20 plants could be fine if I kept pruning and defoiliating it would be too much in 3x3 with small pots?

The first thing to think about is when is the last chance for heavy frost in your region! You don’t want to stunt them! Unless you are under 12 hrs of light for 2 mos. they will not mature!

You’d have 8”x8” per plant. You could start seedlings inside and veg them for a few weeks. Maybe a month. I’d come up with a different strategy if it were me. Maybe some combination of autoflowering plants started in the ground and photoperiod plants in the tent. M

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This question really depends on where in the world you are… Australia is in summer when Canada is in dead of winter. Latitude also has a lot to do with planting dates. Here in BC you may be ok planting in mid May? Further south the dark hours are shorter than ours so California might be able to plant out a few weeks earlier? How long you pre veg a plant is purely up to you. That assumes you arent planting non photo sensitive plants?

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They are all feminized no autos. March is when the peak of longest hours of daylight. @KeystoneCops I wanna say about a month they will be in 3x3 tent. That’s when all other plants should be done in that time frame in 5x5 tent. Once the flowering ones get done then I’ll be able to separate them. When I separate them I can leave 16 other plants in 5x5 tent in smaller pots if I can get away with that with no problems. I need to buy a bigger tent honestly and just leave 3x3 tent for mother plants and or clones.

I also don’t have any luck with auto flowers sadly they come out too small :unamused: maybe I’m doing something wrong with them. Auto flowers outdoors you can put outside any time of year correct?

If they get at least 10 hours of light, and the weather doesn’t kill them, yes. That’s their big advantage, IMO.

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Would it make any difference if I had put it in ground than in pots like size wise?

I cannot get “too big for my britches”- neighbors and all. So I am working with a window that has me planting directly in the no-till/Radicle 25gallon bags approx. Mid-May. I need to just get them strong enough to handle the heat of July.
Oh,I am on the SF peninsula, California.
Hope I answered the query.
Best of luck growing!

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I had put 4 plants in ground 2 days ago. My other phone broke on me I use for pictures so I could only save 3 pics for now til I get phone fixed. The tallest one with tomato cage is Gorilla Zkittles she has been thru too much. She was in 10 gal pot an veg for 4 weeks then switched to flower for about 3 weeks all she had was small preflower not forming buds had to put her back into veg the 2nd time an she stayed in veg for 109 days not counting first 4 weeks. Yesterday I checked on the gorilla Zkittles an the other 3 plants are thriving so much (guessing they like the ground soil) the pic I didn’t post was cbd plant. She is thriving after my puppy bit into bottom main branch but not too bad. Now the other small ones is Green Gelato an I think OG Gelato. 2 small plants in ground will be topped a little more in a few days an so will the Gorilla Zkittles. I will be taking tomato cage off of Gorilla Zkittles too sometime in a few days I’m thinking about training her different like put stakes in ground to spread colas. These are feminised strains

@KeystoneCops @Cannabian @Slug_Life @dbrn32 if taken really good care of an it thrives alot more from being in ground do you guys think the Gorilla Zkittles will get past 6ft tall? Right now it’s about 4 an a half to 5ft tall.

How tall is it now? How much time left until flower? Normally, an outdoor plant will continue veg until the night time hours are near 12. Unless its an auto?
Also a 4 foot plant that hasnt started flowering will normally double in height with the stretch and preflower phase. So 7 to 8 feet is not out of the picture. Genetics dictates the outcome sorta… if you pre veg a typical 4 foot plant under lights and plant out in the spring, you can attain super sized plants. I typically get 10 to 12 feet out of a typical 6 foot plant doing this.

I plant em out looking like this as apposed to a seedling, so they already have a real good root system. A month or so later they look like this…
Once root sets in and they really get good sun mid summer they start to really put on some bulk

After this… the stretch begins and flowers set in… so 10 to 12 feet for a typical 6 foot plant is pretty doable.


That’s massive! Where I’m at I get 11 an half hours of sun but the sunlight time is going up everyday it won’t start decreasing sunlight til August. This is what all look like right now. I didn’t water them when I transplanted just got soil moist. I did give them all water with roots organic grow, molasses, super thrive, liquid kelp an mychorizae. They are supposed to be high yeilding genes. When you water them do you water them everyday if it blazing hot outside?


Outside of something stunting your plant i would think it will be quite large if treated properly. My dad ran a plant in 5 gallon coco pot outside last year that was probably 8’ tall by the time it stopped growing.


Will topping them when they flourish better a good idea? The Gorilla Zkittles only has 8 colas for example an I do want it to have more since in ground. I would have to give the ones in ground more attention than the ones indoors right? Also if their feminised plants do they have like a stopping point on how tall they get vs regular seeds? @dbrn32