For the new growers

G’day new growers i hope this helps yous with ur grow and with ur worries of growing , like all new growers you are going to want to micro manage everything to try to get a good grow but that is far from the way of having a good grow if you micro manage everything you will make mistakes and you will probably kill ur plants doing so .So here is what you do you do step back take a deep breath and relax and then u start doing research on how to grow and look at all the different ways of growing whether its growing hydro or soil or if its a indoor grow or outside grow also if you are going to use bottled nutrients or do a organic grow yous need to take these things in consideration u need to find the way that is going to suit u the best one of the biggest problems is that most new growers jump in feet first with out doing any research at all and they pick some thing that is much harder then they expected ,so if u want to do hydro u have to remember that theres alot u are going to need to know and there is equipment you were going to need ,like ppm and ec pen and a ph pen u will need these any way if ur doing some other type of grow ,now with hydro you have to keep a eye on ur temperature in ur reservoir tank ur ppm and ph and u have to check ur run off aswell but u do the same with other grows that are done inside a tent . Ok if ur going to grow in soil you have to remember if you buy pre mixed potting mix there will be fertilizer already in it ,here are a few examples fox farm ocean Forest it has enough nutrients in it to last three to five weeks give or take fox farm happy frog has nutrients in it but not as much as ocean Forest and fox farm strawberry Fields is another one but the strawberry Fields doesnt drain very good this is where u would mix perlite in to it ,Oh i forgot to tell you if you are going to use ocean Forest be sure to do a 50/50 mix with happy frog and ocean Forest cause ocean Forest is abit hot as it has a fair bit of nutrients in it . Now theres promix hp it has perlite mixed in it already but alot of people still mix in more perlite for better drainage and aeration pro mix doesnt have any added nutrients as far as i know so u can mix in some worm castings and bat guano in it so ur plant has some food for the few weeks and then u can feed with bottled nutrients or you can use organic nutrients like jacks 321 or Gia green and down to earth products or u can use worm castings ,bat guano , volcanic rock dust fertilizer and superworm frass and kelp meal and alfalfa meal fish bone meal and so on and so forth .One of the best methods for growing is the k.i.s.s method keep it simple stupid if you keep it simple you will have a happier grow less headaches and stress and make sure ur picking the right grow style for you dont pick something cause u seen the results of someone else grow tou have be sensible about the whole thing with saying this have a happy and wonderful grow and remember if theres something tou need to know or if ur worried about something just ask one of the members of this community we are all here to help one another