For real? Whats with all the arguing?


@Vexer whats up bro? Hows the growin been? I got a promo at work that extended my range all the way to West Virginia also a lot of the reason i have been absent. Plus i figured i needed a break from the site for a minute! I just started a photo Banner by ilgm grow, day 16 of veg, living/supersoil (easier for the wifey if i have to leave for a couple weeks. And the wife let me pull the trigger on the hlg qb 320 whoot-whoot im super stoked to have a qb finally. I was laughing when i thought about how we hijacked that poor guys thread with our banter. I hope he found the info he needed. Glad your still here man. Hows the cali sun hittin ya?


I am betting that anyone who’s been here awhile is alot more chilled out now than when we first arrived. I have learned that patience goes a long way. It’s never been my strong point tho, lol


@bryan i have only been in one argument on this site and @Vexer too! Our firsts were together…awe, how cute! Hahahaha. Im guessing we were both having bad days! OnE LoVe


lol I can see you two goin at it on the 2nd grade playground, rolling in the dirt.


Doing great bro just getting these girls through week 4 of flowering.


Got two the same age as yours in week 3 of flower


I have 6 just starting their 3rd week of flower. They are Monsters let me tell ya.
They take up completely 30 sq.ft. of grow space and they still have 5 maybe 7 weeks to go. That’s the scarey part the 7 weeks to go. Going to have to do some L S T.


You mean Fush & Chups … right?

Thats funny because if you read

Fish & Chips & Fush & Chups they would sound exactly the same :rofl:

Right @Ausgrow @Hungrybud


Down where :fu::crazy_face:


Down under


Fi. Fu.

Chi. chu.

Do they sound they same? :joy:


If was to come from your kiwi lips then yes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Stone the flamin’ crows!


I think Aussies, Pommys & Kiwis are really the only ones who truly get what bantering is and appreciate it


Nice edit there :grin::rofl:


I think id be the member who would get the award for most edits on here. @dbrn32 would most likely be the man to award me to :sweat_smile:


Shh , Hey don’t bring up edits in front of @dbrn32.



It only just occured to me today that when you edit a post that someone is mentioned in they get notified of the same comment because its been edited… is that right @dbrn32 ?


Yessir, that’s correct.


Haha ok :sweat_smile: so when we had our back & forth a while back and i did a shite load of editing you would have been bombarded with notifications from my constant edits.

I didnt realise this was the case and i apologise, it was not intentional at the time :joy: